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AlVan - I'm the leading man, you know.
TALK - 19:51, 5 April 2011 (EDT)
There have been several forums on future storylines but what about future gameplay? Please put your opinions on this. I think that KHIII should be a mix of what has happened so far. The game should be split into scenarios, one of them should be about Sora, there should be a final episode where everything comes together, and there should be a secret episode. The fighting styles should be based on who you're playing and where you are. I have made a list of what characters are playable and when the guest party members appear.

Playable Characters:

  • (Example)Character/starting weapon/ultimate weapon/fighting style
  • Sora/Kingdom Key/Ultima Weapon/Ability System (KHII)
  • Riku/Way to the Dawn/Oblivion/Panel System (358 Days)
  • Kairi/Destiny Place/Oathkeeper/Ability System (KHI)
  • Terra/Ends of the Earth/Chaos Ripper/Command System (BBS)
  • Ventus/Light Seeker/Void Gear/Command System (BBS)
  • Aqua/Stormfall/Brightcrest/Command System (BBS)
  • Roxas/Oathkeeper & Oblivion/Two Become One/Ability System (KHII)
  • Xion/Zero-One/none/Command System (Re:Coded)
  • Mickey/Star Seeker/Kingdom Key D/Command System (Re:Coded)
  • Party Members:
  • (Example)Character/World
  • Axle/Various
  • Xion/Various
  • Donald/Various
  • Goofy/Various
  • Zack/Olympus Collisiem
  • Auron/Olympus Collisiem
  • Cloud/Olympus Collisiem
  • Tifa/Olympus Collisiem
  • Jehct/Olympus Collisiem
    • All characters except for Aqua that enter Castle Oblivion must use the card system.

I don't care about anything else as long as Agrabah returns for King of Thieves and Mirage Arena returns with a story line.

Seriousely, nobody's gonna put anything here???