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Xemnas (Final Form)
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I'm sure nearly everybody hates Nomura for not releasing the Final Mixes outside of Japan. But I had an idea which may never come true. In Final Mix, the scenes have English voices but everything that's written is Japanese. So, to make it fair, IF Final Mixes come to the western countries, have the everything written in English but with Japanese voices. That would be good enough for me and I'd buy it. Have your say.
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Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png I think the whole problem are the games' titles. If SE would release a Final Mix oversea the Japanese version would be less "final" because of new tweaks, the english translation and so on. That's why they are so resitant on this matter and call it an Japanese exlusive.

I wonder why it never occured to them to release a version, where you can change the text and audio language to your likening.

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less "final"? whaddya mean? I thought they call it "final mix" because it's the last revision of the game :/ And translations shouldn't be difficult since they're basically the same as the original japanese version, they just need to copy-paste it or something and translate on the new contents. And an audio swap option would be wonderful. If a KH game is going to be released on the next gen console (I'm betting on KHIII), I think it'll have audio swap option, since most of the next gen games have audio swap options (for example: Assassin's Creed 2).