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I read that for the entrance to Sunset Horizons to appear, one of the things you have to do is "save clear data". what does that mean?

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FA icon.png Save clear data = play the game right up to the final Xemnas battle. Final Mix+ is the first Kingdom Hearts game that allows you to save after the final battle, which is known as "clear data" (indicated by a gold crown when you reopen the file). When you open clear data, you'll be posted to The Altar of Naught.

After that, when you get out of there, you'll find that in Disney Castle, a new episode will be opened. That's how.

You'll also gain the Data Replicas (whose battles originate from KHII and not Chain of Memories) after saving clear data.

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On that note; will you be able to fight Xemnas AFTER you beat him? or is it 1 time only?