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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png Yet another pet peeve... why in the hallibut do we have English weapon names on the pages for the Japanese weapons? Redirects MUST be made, so long as we do not interfere with KrytenKoro's wishes. It's why we have a page for Xemnas, rather than "Xemanusu" that starts like :

Xemnas is the leader of Org. XIII.

Some notable examples are a variety of Marluxia's weapons... I'll find specifics tomorrow and list them here.

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The problem with the redirects and translations is actually the whole big problem that I wanted people to leave alone so I could deal with it - a lot of the dubs are not incorrect, so our translations for them don't need to exist, as they have no official basis. But then there are redirects that do need to remain due to translation differences. As long as you guys don't mess with the redirects (which I've been asking since the beginning, but it keeps happening), or make changes to the weapon pages that I've finished (leave it on the talk page until then, because I use old pages to make the new ones), anything else is acceptable to edit (even if it is annoying). I have break this weekend, so I'll be able to finish the translation and hopefully stat boxes then.