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I noticed the New World Ideas topic, but that was for what worlds will be in future KH games. Here, we shall discuss...

What would you do if you got the chance to make your own world for a KH game? Would it be Disney Based (and if so, which one, who'd be the helpers, villains, etc.)

If your world you'd create is original, what would be its challenges, villains, helpers, and areas? I came up with the world named "Limbo" as an upcoming new world in a KH rp I'm involved in...

In this world, there are strange forces at work. Those who don't accept their past the way it is get their souls taken to a time before now, where they can re-live it as they see fit. The price is, their empty shell of a body is left in the present, where there are only ruins and a single guardian to fend off the Heartless. Those who accept their past see this version of the world, and are shown to the exit by this guardian as soon as possible. It is said that a soul taken to the past cannot ever return to this present, unless spoken to by a voice that transcends time itself.

NPC/helper: The Keeper of the Present. He is an archer and the sole defense against the Heartless, as mostly everyone else had their souls stolen by time.

Boss: The Seeker of the Past. She is a ruler of a grand palace, with great powers over time, and also a painter. She believes in re-doing a painting, as well as re-doing someone's past, until it's absolutely perfect. She doesn't realize how many lives she's taken in her desires for absolute perfection. If she is defeated, then everyone in their new pasts will have to awaken and accept the present they abandoned, if they're still alive, that is.