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Ok, so I have a bunch of statistical data for CoM (GBA version), and I figured that maybe the wikis could make use of it, but I don't know how I should go about adding it to the articles. This information includes damage ratings for all cards/Sleights, how much of a boost Enemy cards give (like Red Nocturne being a 1.5x power boost, etc.), and boss HPs/elemental weaknesses/attack power.

Keyblade Attack ratings:[edit]

  • D = 8
  • D+ = 10
  • C = 15
  • C+ = 20
  • B = 25
  • B+ = 30
  • A = 35
  • (Star) = 40

Combo Finish = 1.5x boost

I don't know where to put this information, for example. Also, with Combo Finishers, the damage is 1.5x stronger than the grade provided, so a B+ rank finisher does 45 damage, etc.

I was thinking for Cards and Sleights, another column could be added for damage:

  • Sliding Dash = 25 damage
  • Blitz = 20 damage x6 = 120 damage
  • Stun Impact = 10 damage (Stun)
  • Zantetsuken = 10 damage
  • Strike Raid = 10 damage x2 = 20 damage (Stun)
  • Sonic Blade = 20 damage x6 + 60 damage = 180 damage
  • Ars Arcanum = 25 damage x7 + 30 damage + 50 damage = 255 damage
  • Ragnarok = 130 damage
  • Trinity Limit = 250 damage

etc. I have the information for all the other Sleights that Sora and Riku use too. So perhaps the table formatting could have another column for damage and status effects as well?

As for bosses, the information template needs to be changed a bit: Neutral, Aero, and Special are all the same element (best to call it Neutral, in my opinion), and there needs to be a Dark element added.

Also, for boss attacks, perhaps another table for attacks? Ex. For Cards:

Attack 1 | Card Picture | Description | Damage | Element

For Sleights: Sleight Name | Sleight Combination Picture | Description | Damage | Element

So yeah, I'll try to add this information to the articles, but I need a bit of help in the actual display...

What exactly are your sources here?
Looking back, "Special" is the redub of "Neutral", i.e., non-physical damage.Glorious CHAOS! 02:06, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

Found all the information myself through hacking with Visual Boy Advance's 'Memory Viewer' function.
Between "Neutral" and "Special" though, I prefer Neutral myself, because it sounds more specific for "non-elemental" attacks, whereas Special sounds vague enough to be any special ability or skill. "Neutral" is used for when you check Oblivion's element in the deck-editing screen and the Journal analysis, whereas "Special" is used in the Journal to indicate when an Enemy card makes you resist/weak to Neutral element attacks. Maybe a note should be made to tell that they're the same thing.