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3 March 2024

  • curprev 18:0618:06, 3 March 2024TheSilentHero talk contribs 830 bytes +179 No edit summary undo
  • curprev 05:1505:15, 3 March 2024GamerNickWX talk contribs 651 bytes +651 Created page with "{{forumheader|Ansem's Computer}}<!-- Please put your content below this line and sign your edits with your talk template or four tildes: ~~~~ --> In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, my current stats are as follows: Sora Level: 13 Max HP: 27 Max MP: 3 Max AP: 3 Strength: 15 Defense: 10 Donald Level: 10 Max HP: 21 Max MP: 3 Max AP: 1 Strength: 8 Defense: 7 Goofy Level: 14 Max HP: 33 Max MP: 1 Max AP: 3 Strength: 9 Defense: 11 The official guide recommends I equip both to Sora..." Tag: Mobile edit