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I'll cut right to the chase. Before worlds or people existed, there rested a singular and humongous mass of energy that was shaped like a heart (Corny I know but fact). Eventually this mass of energy spread creating multiple worlds and dimensions with this same mass of energy as the heart of it all. All these worlds were connected at this point of time with plains of existence connecting them all and each one holding a keyhole that led to the heart of that world. These plains were the dark, light, nothingness, and in between worlds. In addition to this, Kingdom Hearts sent portions of its’ power to seven pure of heart in order to conceal itself.

People then existed and light ruled all; there were no problems and only peace reigned. Yet, in a secluded mansion in the world of Twilight Town rested a laboratory where a young man by the name of Xehanort began to wonder about the inner workings of a heart. Xehanort was a scientist and wore such a uniform (the same clothes worn by Xehanort's heartless). Believing that light and peace are only temporary, he attempted to develop a way to prevent the darkness from overrunning. He began to study the inner workings of the heart and discovered that the essence of a heart can be cultivated into an orb and used as a weapon. Xehanort then constructed a sword and applied the essence of his heart to it and made what would become a keyblade. Using it, he traveled to other dimensions, also using the blade to find others who have a strong enough essence in their hearts to create this blade. In his travels, he met Yen Sid who was training Mickey to become king. Xehanort persuaded him to help him find others to protect the worlds and they became masters.

Creating a society of keyblade warriors, Xehanort also created the insignia of the organization, which would look like a heart in a key. The society even had a dimension created to train which would house shrines of the princesses if heart and of powerful keyblade warriors. Yen Sid trained four apprentices, Terra, Ven, Aqua, and Mickey. Aqua in particular was a resident from Radiant Garden who had a little daughter named Kairi. Master Xehanort, now an aged man, then found a young man with a powerful heart. This man had an abusive environment and lived under parents who did not care enough to give him a name. Xehanort took him in and taught him in the ways of the keyblade MX eventually thought that to understand the heart, one must embrace all aspects of nature including darkness. He and his apprentice then disappeared and went to the dark realm where they took control of dark powers. MX was soon consumed by the darkness and his apprentice took control of him. This gave both of them piecing yellow eyes and the apprentice took the form of dark armor. The two of them also gained powers over nature such as earth, ice, wind ect. Xemnas would eventually give these powers to Organization XIII.

Yen Sid sent three of his apprentices to find the lost two while he continued to train Mickey in his Tower, which was constructed in Twilight Town for the sole purpose of training others and to understand both light and darkness. MX and his apprentice then used the keyblade to wreak terror on numerous worlds, murdering millions. MX and his apprentice (ES) sought to find kingdom hearts by finding the princesses. To help in this search they sought to first create an army. They then constructed Castle Oblivion in the in between realm in order to use both dark and light powers. They brought abducted people here to be experimented on and tampered with their memories. Here, they took people’s souls out and then converted them into darkness. The end result was an unbirth with the body and soul soon perishing. Twisting their memories, MX and ES planted false memories in these creatures to make them believe they work for them.

A room was constructed in order to awaken these new memories and would be known as the Room of Awakening. Other souls were also placed in mechanical vessels to become artificial unbirths. With this new army, MX and ES wrought destruction to many worlds in search of the princesses. Master Xehanort and his apprentice searched for beings with pure darkness to enlist one of them being Maleficent. She agreed to help them find the princesses, while she actually wanted them for her own ends. Meanwhile, Terra, Ven, and Aqua went their separate ways to find them. However, Xehanort began finding the princesses and sealed the essence of their hearts within his own keyblade. This practice would later be reused by his apprentice in Kingdom Hearts I. Terra ran into Maleficent who hoped to use his skills in her search. Terra, like Riku, had a craving for power and wanted to use kingdom hearts to help the world. He agreed to help Maleficent who in turn told this to Ven and Aqua. With the dark powers he acquired, he learned how to use the moons’ essence as his weapon.

Terra eventually found Xehanort and saw what he had become and realized that he became pure evil. He fought him and defeated him, allowing the control his apprentice had over him to temporarily fall. He had remorse for what has happened, but soon fell back into his control and escaped. Terra then abounded his pack with Maleficent and rejoined the others. Soon Xehanort found all the princesses hearts with the help of Maleficent and went to kingdom hearts with an army of unbirths and his apprentice. A humongoues battle turned out with the unbirths destroying all but the three keyblade wielders. They engaged Xehanort and his apprentice, but soon lost and Ven was frozen. Xehanort reversed the keyblade and cultivated his hearts essence with the princess’s hearts into the sky to unleash kingdom hearts. Terra’s eyes flashed yellow, symbolizing the greed he too has for kingdom hearts and the dark power he has. Then the apprentice struck down Xehanort and murdered him. He took both his name and his clothing and proclaimed kingdom hearts as his.

Xehanort took the power of kingdom hearts and began a conquest on the universe with darkness being born in other hearts. Terra then felt extreme remorse over what happened to Ven and decided to take a drastic measure. In order to insure Ven would remain safe, he must be given a new home and no account of what happened. Terra took frozen Ven to Castle Oblivion where he wiped his memory clean. He then took Ven’s soul out, but unlike unbirths, he didn’t place it in a built vessel. He chose one of similar heart, Sora, and placed Ven’s soul in him. He hoped that Ven would always remain safe there. Therefore, Roxas is Ven and was released when Sora struck himself with the keyblade. That is why Roxas is said to have a heart.

The new Xehanort then continued his conquest. But Terra, Aqua, and Mickey all engaged him and retrieved the princess’s hearts. However, in the chaos Xehanort’s stabbed Terra in the heart and pieces of his heart went to Xehanort, giving him his present day appearance and no memory. He was then vanished, but reappeared in Radiant Garden and all worlds became disconnected with the true light remaining hidden. This whole conflict created the legend of the keyblade and also explains Xehnaort having supernatural powers, able to open the doors, and even being the only one to have a human heartless and nobody; he is a chaser who was the first to use the powers of darkness.

Terra felt ashamed over his actions and remained in the desert guarding it in case Xehanort returned. Mickey was named king after his victory and Aqua returned to radiant garden.

Xehanort was found by Ansem the wise and became his foremost apprentice. When Ansem did experiments on Xehanort, he remembered portions of his past and sought Kingdom Hearts again. Using the chaser symbol he still had from his time as one, he used it as inspiration to create the heartless symbol. During the course of his experiments, he found Aqua who was a Resident there along with her daughter Kairi. Xehanort abducted both and sent Kairi away to other worlds to find the keyblade wielder. He then had a room constructed called the room of sleep where he kept aqua. This room would help him remember his past and Aqua would further help that with her armor and keyblade.

Maleficent soon began to recapture the princesses and would use the heartless when Xehanort eventually came to create them. Terra learned that Xehnaort was at it again, he chooses Riku for the keyblade, but then the keyblade itself choose Sora instead. Yen Sid is the strange voice and transported Sora to that shrine dimension to train him.

What is the point of the Keyhole? Why would anyone want to get to the heart of a world? For power? That's the only reason I can think of. So, Kingdom Hearts is the source of all life? You think Kingdom Hearts is alive? How can the 7 maidens who are pure of heart protect Kingdom Hearts? To me, the only thing the Princesses of Heart do is show the way to Kingdom Hearts. Xenahort is the sources of all evil, huh? I don't know about that. If Xenahort developed a weapon to protect the peace, who is he going to use it against? The Darkness? If he created a weapon, doesn't that mean he is creating war, not peace? Why a Keyblade? Why not just a sword? What is the point of the Keyblade and Keyhole? It seems that the Keyblade's origin is connected to Kingdom Hearts, not Xenahort. Why was Xenahort looking for more people to create more Keyblades? He needed help to fight an enemy that hasn't even shown yet? The Darkness didn't attack anyone at that time, right? 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

I wonder if Yen Sid can use a Keyblade. If Xenahort created the dimension for training, why is Yen Sid training the apprentices? How did Yen Sid know how to fight with a Keyblade? Why didn't Xenahort just train them? Isn't Aqua a little bit young to have a kid? She's a teen. Why did Master Xenahort wait until he was old to gain the powers of darkness? Why did Master Xenahort train all of his apprentices to use the powers of darkness? How come Master Xenahort's apprentice wasn't consumed by the darkness? How come only the apprentice has the armor? Why didn't the apprentice take the title of master if he was the one who controlled Xenahort? Riku was consumed by darkness and he didn't get yellow eyes. 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

So, Ven, Terra, and Aqua are Keyblade masters while Mickey is an amateur at using the Keyblade? I thought Darkness was seen as evil by everyone except by Xenahort and that guy in the armor? Why did Xenahort and his apprentice hurt so many people? What was the point? What was their goal? Why did they want Kingdom Hearts? To gain more power? Master Xenahort and his apprentice were just power-hungry? Why did Master Xenahort and his apprentice need an army? They were so powerful. Why did Master Xenahort and his apprentice mess with people's memories? How did Master Xenahort and his apprentice know how to create an Unbirth? Why not just force people to work for them? What was the point of creating Unbirths? Because Unbirths are so much more powerful than people? Why did they destroy the souls of these people? Why didn't Master Xenahort and his apprentice just make these people get consumed by the darkness? Master Xenahort and his apprentice got much more powerful from getting consumed by the darkness. So, why not just do the same to the other people? And how come Master Xenahort and his apprentice didn't want to become Unbirths? 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

If they can create real Unbirths, why did Master Xenahort and his apprentice need artificial Unbirths? So, Xenahort created the Keyblade and the Keyblade warriors to keep the peace. However, he destroys the peace he loved so much because of the darkness. Why did Master Xenahort want to learn more about the inner workings of a heart? I thought you said that Master Xenahort was only interested in the heart to find a way to protect the peace. He did find a way so he should have no more interest in the heart, right? Why did Master Xenahort and his apprentice need beings of pure darkness? In Kingdom Hearts 1, the hearts of the Princesses of Heart weren't sealed into a Keyblade. The hearts of the Princesses of Heart formed Riku's Xenahort's Keyblade. Why did Terra trust Maleficent? Why did Terra need more power to help the world? The moon? Where did that come from? 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Didn't Terra realize that his master was being controlled and needed help? Why didn't Terra go after the apprentice? You used abound wrong. Abound means to exist in great quantity. Why did Maleficent help both Terra and Master Xenahort? Why did Master Xenahort take an army of Unbirths to Kingdom Hearts? Weren't there ONLY 4 Keyblade warriors? The Chasers and Mickey? Are you saying that there were more Keyblade warriors? Why did Master Xenahort release Kingdom Hearts then? Why didn't he defeat the Chasers and then release Kingdom Hearts? I thought yellow eyes symbolized a connection to darkness, not to greed or power. Why did the apprentice take Master's Xenahort's name and clothing? Why did the apprentice want to conquer the universe? He just wanted to? Ven wasn't dead when he was frozen. He was still alive. 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Why didn't Terra just protect Ven? Why did Terra take Ven's memory away? How did Terra even know about Castle Oblivion? Castle Oblivion was created by Master Xenahort and his apprentice. If Terra did that to Ven to protect him, why didn't he do it to Aqua? Didn't he care about her? How come Sora has a similiar heart to Ven? How did Terra find Sora? Why would Ven be safe in Sora? Sora didn't even had a Keyblade. Roxas was said to have emotions, not a heart. So, if you get another person's heart, you look like that person? But Sora had Kairi's heart and his appearance didn't change at all. But why would the new Xenahort lose his memory if he got part of Terra's heart? Why did the worlds become disconnected? So, if you're a chaser, you can have a human heartless and a human nobody? I thought the human heartless happened because Xenahort willingly gave himself to the darkness and the human nobody happened because Xenahort had a strong heart. 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

How did Terra know that Xenahort was going to return? Why did Terra go to a desert? Why not Radiant Garden with Aqua? Why is Mickey the only one crowned King when Terra and Aqua helped Mickey in the war against Master Xenahort and his apprentice? How did Xenahort show up in Radiant Garden? If Aqua was in Radiant Garden, how come she didn't find Xenahort? What happened to the Princess of Heart that was replaced by Kairi? How come Aqua didn't beat Xenahort when he found her? How come Xenahort knew that there was going to be a new Keyblade wielder? Why was Xenahort afraid of the new Keyblade wielder and not Terra? If he could send Kairi to the Keyblade wielder, why didn't he just go to the Keyblade wielder and kill him then? Why would Aqua help him? Aqua had helped beat him. Why didn't Terra save Aqua and beat Xenahort? How was keeping Aqua in the Room of Sleep help Xenahort get back his memories? Why did Maleficent wait for the moment that Xenahort came back to capture the Princesses of Heart? Why didn't she capture them sooner? How did Maleficient learn how to control the Heartless? Did Xenahort teach her? Why didn't Terra just fight Xenahort himself? How did he find Riku? How did Yen Sid find Sora? Why didn't he train Riku? Why didn't Yen Sid just show himself to Sora? 01:23, 19 March 2009 (UTC)