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I cant wait for KH bbs to come out in the US, september is not too far away from now. But i have a question about the multiplayer mode. i was researching on it and wondered if it would be online, i kept finding stuff about ad-hoc party play. could anyone tell me what it is?

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Well it's just multiplayer with ur friends through the internet i think

Generally, from my understanding, adhoc is an online mode that transmits adhoc signals. If you have a ps3 and adhoc party downloaded on it, you can load it with your bbs game on. You go to mirage arena and go online and then go to an option on adhoc that will find other games transmitting the same signal, which in this case is bbs. Search through the different rooms and find one with people in it and enter the specific room. Somehow from then, you get to joining their game on bbs. I personally haven't gotten that far because I dont think japanese people have or are on the same adhoc signal, but it should hopefully work when english people are playing it. EDIT: My bad! I was describing infrastructure mode, which brings bad news, BBS will not have infrastructure mode, so the only way you can play online is with close friends (within 60 ft). Well I'm quite disappointed. Danjam 14:42, July 30, 2010 (UTC)