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I've pretty much got the KH, COM, and KH2 ability lists done.

To continue the project, this is what needs to be done:

  • Every "common"/"shared"/"growth"/"support" ability should have its own page, which describes how to get it in each game, and what it does. Please use the official descriptions from the ability lists, and the standardized obtainment descriptions from the ability lists. See Lucky Lucky.
    • For 358 Panel abilities, the section should list where to get the ability and each of its link panels. It should explain what leveling up the ability does, and what each modification does. There should be a picture for the main panel and each of its links.
  • Character abilities should link to the character's page, and there should be a section describing these abilities OR they should also get their own page. (We need to discuss).
    • If these abilities get their own page, they should be linked to, along with the weapon, in some list on the character's page.
  • There should be redirects for the Japanese name of the ability. If two different abilities have the same name (such as Goofy's "Tornado" or the "Tornado" sleight), there should be a "redirect" template at the top of the page.
  • Each 358 weapon ability should have its own page, in the style of Aero Finish.

For KH ability list:

  • We need the type-sorted list of Sora, Donald, and Goofy's abilities from Final Mix. If someone can type Japanese fairly easily, I could also use the ability descriptions (in Japanese), though I think I can get these off of a fan-wiki.

For the Sleights:

  • Each sleight should include the nihongo, and be linked.

For the KH2 ability list:

  • We need the official descriptions of the lower level growth abilities. We could also use the Japanese ability descriptions for the Final Mix abilities, though I can get these off the fan-wiki.
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Seriously though, I could really use help with this.