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everyone i asked didn't know how to answer my questions. ^^"" i was wondering if maybe any of you knew?

1) what exactly is kingdom hearts and how does someone open kingdom hearts? i know that it can be created with hearts or once the 7 princesses are gathered, but do they need the power of the keyblade once it's complete? since the door to darkness is the door to kingdom hearts, which is also the realm to darkness, i'm guessing that a keyblade wielder is needed to open it? or if they create kingdom hearts by hearts (like what xemnas was doing), then how would they go about obtaining that power? and then once they do obtain the power, does kingdom hearts remain open?

2) if a nobody obtains the power of Kingdom hearts.... do they automatically become whole again or are they given a choice? i ask because i heard that Xemnas actually doesn't want to become whole again but he wanted complete power. it sort of confuses me how that works. Does he become whole again AND gain absolute power... or..? ^^""

3) why did Xaldin want the beasts heartless? Well I know that Organization xiii wanted to control his nobody but wouldn't they have to go out and look for it first, like how they had to find Roxas after Sora was turned into a heartless? wouldn't that just be more work? and how could they be so sure that the beast's nobody would actually listen to them?

sorry for all the questions! i have a reeeally bad habit of overthinking things, and this has been confusing me for the longest time. >_< but thank you to all who answer! ^o^

oh wow, thanks so much! those answers were superb! hehe, thank you for answering~ i really appreciate it! i'm still a bit confused on how xemnas went about entering kingdom hearts without even doing anything, but you've helped me clear a lot of confusion.