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Ok I've been reading the Kingdom hearts wiki for awhile now trying to understand why Van who looks like Roxas/sora had picked up Riku's key blade instead of the sora's keyblade. I think the reason for this is because Sora was the one who was supposed to have "a way to dawn" not riku. Anyone who has played the first KH game knows that riku was supposed to be the master of the key blade, which leads me to belive it was sora who was suppose to give in to darkness and gain the soul eater. But because Riku gave into darkness he and Sora switched fates. Now I think something happens in BBS that causes the hearts or something else of Ven, Terra, and Aqua to go into Sora, Riku, and Kairi. This would explain why Riku had the kingdom key first(because Terra had it). This also makes me believe that something happens to sora in BBS that causes his orginal heart to dissapear or something which then Van gave his heart to sora to save him(or not). That would explain why when sora lost his heart that his nobody Roxas looks like a double of Ven(because it was Van's heart in sora's body or Van became part of sora some how). This enforces my theory that because Ven could have been part of sora, and because he had "a way to dawn" that sora really was suppose to obtain soul eater. I also think this could explain Xion. When Aqua's heart merged with Kairi it caused kairi to gain a combind heart like sora/ven had. So when Kairi's heart left her body the first time it created a nobody of Aqua(which would explain why they all look alike)called Xion. Then when Kairi's heart and sora's heart left sora's body it caused the creation of Namine and Roxas(but because it was Ven/sora's heart the nobody took on the looks of the part of sora's heart that was Ven's). Another reason I belive that Xion is Aqua's nobody is that fact that Xion and Aqua look very much alike while Namine ages and looks alot more like Kari(the fact that Namine is comfirmed to be Kairi's nobody made me think that there is another person that had been existing in Kairi's heart, A.K.A. Aqua)This also shows why Xion could wield the keyblade(which I belive she was also shown to wield Micky's key blade at least once, which was the one Aqua had). Finally I think that Aqua might still exist in the room of awakening in some form because Xion has real feelings which it seems that only nobodies who's original bodies still exist have. And Finally I belive that Terra's some how part of Xhenort which is why he wanted to posses riku(to gain the peice of his heart and powers that he left inside Riku.)I also think Terra's deep freindship is the reason his nobody Xhenort calls Aqua's armor freind. Also I belive since he left part of his heart in riku that is what caused his memory loss of every but his name.

What do you guys think?

Way to the Dawn was made from Soul Eater, which was made from the darkness of RIKU'S heart. So, no way that Way to the Dawn was supposed to belong to Sora. It's Riku's personal Keyblade. Riku was supposed to get the Keyblade. True, but he chose the darkness instead. Forms like Way to the Dawn and OathKeeper are made by the wielder's memories. So, that's another reason why Sora can't get Riku's Keyblade: because of the personal connection to Riku. Neither Sora or Riku was supposed to give in to darkness. They were supposed to fight the darkness. Fate is undetermined. It can only be affected by the choices you make. Why would Ven, Terra, and Aqua give their hearts to Sora, Riku, and Kairi? That's the only way that one person can get another person's heart: if the second person chooses to give the heart to the first person. Nobodies look like a human being but only with a few differences. The form of a nobody is not affected by a person's heart, not even someone like Ven. Augment96 19:08, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

Ven could be part of Sora. But the questions is why? Hearts don't combine. They share one body. Hmm, Aqua's heart was in Kairi's body, and that Xion was formed when Kairi's heart left her body. So, you're saying that when Kairi's heart left her body, Aqua's heart left her body? That could make sense. Xion and Aqua may look similar but it could just be a coincidence. Namine (and probably Roxas too) age and feel emotions because they are more humane than all nobodies. The reason why they're more humane than other nobodies because their hearts still exist (albeit in other bodies). Xion could just be the nobody of another Keyblade wielder that hasn't been shown yet. How come Aqua is still alive when Terra and Ven are not? What makes her different? How do you know Xion has feelings? I doubt that. Augment96 19:08, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

Terra was the Lingering Sentiment in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix. How could Terra and Xenahort exist at the same time (Although it could be possible)? He wanted to posses Riku because he needed a body. Riku was the only body he could get because Riku let him into his heart. Why would Terra leave his powers inside someone else? So he could get them later? I thought that Ven, Terra, and Aqua were all friends. I don't know why Xenahort called the armor friend. But a guy like Xenahort doesn't have friends. So, I think he's trying to trick the armor somehow or something like that. Why would losing a part of your heart equal losing your memory? Augment96 19:08, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

Xemnas can't trick the armor because it's an inanimate object! Veroso 21:54, 3 Febuary, 2009

The armor could be alive, somehow. Augment96 02:17, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

The battle with sora and terra is non cannon so that doesn't count. I don't know how Aqua could be alive but I belive a part of her is still alive in some shape or form and that part rests in the room of awakening. Terra and Xenahort look very much alike and it was shown that in KH CoM memories are tied to heart so that means by giving away part of his heart to kid riku caused him to lose his memories. I also belive he regained some of them some how. Because I belive that Terra chose riku to wield the kingdom key, that makes me think that he gave his power to riku by giving him at least part of his heart. Some where along the line Xenahort the heartless was looking for a body and he may have some how retained or regained the enough of his knowledge of his life as terra. Which in turn caused him to seek out riku as he would be the perfect host because riku had part of terra's heart and power. Now what I mean by sora suppose to have the soul eater is that it was suppose to be born out of the darkness in sora's heart ,but when Xenahort screwed with riku's heart and caused it to be filled with darkness the power of the keyblade that he had been given went to the next person best suited for wielding it. That person was sora and they keyblade tested him by having him fight off the darkness that had been in his heart. "a way to dawn" was a keyblade the needs the powers of both darkness and light but since sora's darkness was wiped out by the keyblade's test it went to the only other person who had both light and dark inside, that was riku. But riku's darkness was much stronger than his light so the keyblade only took on the dark form soul eater. It was shown that sora's darkness was also stronger than his light but the keyblade strengthed sora's light enough to stop him from being consumed and ending up like riku. Near the end of KHII riku's darkness and light became balanced enough that "a way to dawn" was able to take form. "a way to dawn" isn't riku's personal keyblade or else it shouldn't have existed 11 years before riku would have it. I believe terra, aqua, and ven gave their hearts or at least part of them because they wanted to pass on the power keyblade so that it wouldn't dissapear with them because they knew that the keyblade would be needed in future. I think that it's ven/sora's heart that left sora's body and I belive that it was ven's heart that allows sora to wield the key blade, that also makes me think that ven's heart was stronger than sora's which is why roxas looked more like Ven. I still think that when the merged heart left kairi's body that it first formed Xion(who is aqua's nobody) while roxas and namine were created when both hearts left sora's body. Once again I think whoever's heart was stronger affected the nobody that would apear. Since aqua had a nobody another one couldn't be formed from her peice of kairi's heart, so when kairi's heart left sora's body it was her own nobody namine who came to be instead.And roxas was made by Ven's heart peice leaving not sora's. Which means roxas took on the form of the body that his heart had originally belonged to, ven. But as I said this is all just a theory...--Hirokey12 03:14, 6 February 2009 (UTC)

How do you know that the fight between Sora and Terra doesn't count. But why only Aqua? Why would she work with an Nobody, instead of the Keyblade wielders? Xenahort lost his memories because he gave his heart to someone? Hmm, maybe. But I doubt it was Riku. Xenahort lost his memories a long time before he met Riku. Why only a couple of his memories? Why didn't Xenahort get all of his memories? Why did Terra chose Riku? What made Riku so special? Why didn't Ven or Aqua chose to give Keyblades away their power? Why did Terra want to give his power? But how come he got his memories when he was a Heartless? What about the Nobody of Xenahort? Did the Nobody get his memories too? Then why did Xenahort show himself to Sora, not Riku, first? Why did Xenahort want the power he gave away willingly? He chose Riku because Riku was a Keyblade wielder and gave into the darkness. 05:57, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

The Souleater was born out of Riku's memories, not the darkness of anyone. Not Sora or Riku or anyone!!!!!! Riku's heart was filled with darkness way before he met Xenahort. Riku chose to give in to the darkness. Xenahort didn't meet Riku until half of the game passed. The Keyblade doesn't test the wielder. It only show up to worthy people (people with strong hearts). There's no test. A person doesn't fight the darkness in his heart (Riku and Xenahort doesn't count because Xenahort is a heartless, not actual darkness). Way to the Dawn was formed from the good and bad choices Riku had made. These choices had lead to him doing good and bad things. These choices left him memories, which then formed the Way To The Dawn. The good and bad things Riku has done represents the light and darkness inside Riku. Well, Soul Eater did form from Riku's darkness. Sora never had any darkness. Sora never did anything bad. The Keyblade doesn't strength the light in anyone. It is a weapon of light to fight the darkness. That's it. Soul Eater had changed to Way to the Dawn because Riku had changed from a being possessed by a heartless to a true Keyblade wielder. 05:57, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

It's possible that Keyblades can form for two people at separate times. It's possible that Way to the Dawn formed in the past for Terra and formed in the future for Riku. If they gave away their power, they were still alive. Why didn't they try to survive? Why did they all want to die? The Keyblade will never disappear. It existed before the Chasers. It will exist after Sora and his friends. Even if your theory was true, how did they know that the future was in danger? How come Sora can only wield a Keyblade because of Ven? Why couldn't it be that Sora just has a strong heart? If Ven's heart was stronger than Sora, then, wouldn't Sora look more like Ven, not Roxas? If Xion was formed first, why didn't she join Organization 13? She would have been the thirteenth member, not Roxas. The appearance of a nobody looks like the original person except with a few small differences. If Xion is Kairi's nobody from her own body, who would Aqua's nobody be? Oh, yeah. Xion was formed from the merged hearts of Kairi and Aqua that left from Kairi's body. Does Kairi have Aqua's heart, not the other way around? Why couldn't Aqua have two nobodies? How come Kairi's nobody wasn't formed first? Why was Aqua's nobody formed first? So, Sora has no nobody? Roxas's Ven's Nobody? How come Sora has no nobody? 05:57, 24 February 2009 (UTC)