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Right, this format is weird but I hope I get it right.

I have this small theory and I thought you guys might have the answer; in KH2, after you beat sepiroth and talk to cloud and then go back to sephiroth. Near the end of the fight, cloud is apparently starts glowing with light or whatever and then he and sephiroth jump up into the air and disappear. My theory is that when he starts glowing, its coincidentally the same goldish color that he has when he uses omnislash(?) in Final fantasy VII: Advent children and that when they jump into the air they disappear back into their world (being the advent children setting) to which cloud uses omnislash(?), and if you listen to what cloud says after he uses omnislash(?), he says something that closely resembles what they were talking about in 2. (Quote as best I can remember)Cloud: "Stay where you belong, in my memories." Sephiroth: "I will never be.. a memory."

Valid? y/n

It might be a valid theory. One problem: Why did Cloud and Sephiroth go back to their world now? They were in the Kingdom Hearts universe for a year. They even fought before. It's just as likely that they have gone to a new Kingdom Hearts world that hasn't been discovered yet. 02:37, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Part of finality probably, or the people wanted to add a nice little tidbit. (the dates of release for the movie via game are ok, 2 was released two years after AC, Ac was 2005, KH2 was 2007) They could have gone to a new world (midgard? that be good I guess)Oh well, its just a theory.

I don't think that a Final Fantasy world is going to be in a Kingdom Hearts game. It would be great to see. But I just don't think it's going to happen. When I said "new Kingdom Hearts world", I meant a Disney world like the Sleeping Beauty world or the Cinderella world. Or maybe they really did go back to their world and they won't be coming back to Kingdom Hearts for a while. 18:13, 6 June 2009 (UTC)