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I have some questions about presentation and standardisation across the site;

1 - Are we referring to characters as they are called in each specific game or by what we learned in subsequent games? For example, is it Unknown or Xemnas on the KH1 page? DiZ or Ansem the Wise on the CoM page? Xehanort or Terra-Xehanort on the KH2 page? Unknown or Young Xehanort on the BbS page? I'm seeing examples of both.

2 - What are we doing with Xehanort? Is Xehanort always just a single Xehanort for each game or are we redirecting from Master Xehanort and Young Xehanort? Again, I'm seeing both being done.

3 - Why are some games Worlds and Characters in alphabetical order, while others are in Story/Journal order? Which is correct?

4 - Why is the same character sometimes featured on the character lists for multiple worlds in the same game? For example, Roxas is under both TWTNW and Twilight Town on the 358/2 Days page.

5 - Why do we have End of Sea on any pages at all? It's never appeared under that name in any game, nor has any character referred to that part of the Dark World by that name. I know the logo is on the US site but, is that really the only reason? If the rules are only to refer to characters by what they are specifically called in game, e.g. Dark Baymax instead of Baymax 1.0, surely the same applies to worlds too?

6 - What are we doing with datascape worlds? The coded page has Data-Sora and Data-Riku on the same Destiny Islands as the real Sora and Riku since we're currently treating the two worlds as one. We have separate pages for The Mysterious and Symphony of Sorcery, as well as the two Twilight Towns. Should the same not apply here?

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting. - Joveus (talk) 00:40, 17 February 2019 (UTC)

Kryten, TSH or ENX have probably to answer most of these, I'm not that versed in these details. I still think it mostly comes down to opinion, and some of it was decided along the way so not everything was changed to the new standard, if you can call it that.
1. For the gameplay pages we definitely go with respective game's journal information, for the main pages mostly with the information we currently have. You can't completely erase these "old" names completely of course, since that's simply what these characters are called during these games.
2. It was decided during the DDD period to merge the Master Xehanort and Young Xehanort since they are the same person, for the sake of chronology and to avoid duplication. Since some games especially still make a difference you will still find these names all around the wiki, maybe not needed in every case.
3. I would the say the journal order is correct, same games don't have journals though (like KHX and KHUX) or they don't list everything (gummi enemies etc.), then order of appearance would be working too.
4. I'm not sure. This doesn't make any sense to me.
5. The End of Sea page is a curiosity that exists for the sake of completion. While it is technically correct to list it for the games it appears in, I see where you're coming from. Maybe these instances should be replaced with "Dark World".
6. Good question. I think the Simulated Twilight Town has bigger plot relevance than the other datascape worlds and enough information on its own, that can't be easily merged into the main world's page. Maybe we should simply list them differently on re:coded game's page. Making them separate could also mean we have to have memory worlds or the book of prophecy worlds (and the simulated book of prophecy worlds) separate somehow. It's a mess. If we can keep it simple, we should do that. The Mysterious Tower and Symphony of Sorcery aren't merged because we usually don't do that when the games keep these separate. See Disney Castle and Disney Town or The Carabean and Port Royal etc.
I'm not sure how helpful or even logical these answers are but I'm sure we can find a consensus about each of these points. --ShardofTruth 01:50, 17 February 2019 (UTC)
Unless Nomura changes how he's describing Young Xehanort to be something that is a distinct form of entity from Master Xehanort, they are merged. However, links should still be to the appropriate form, and piped links should be avoided.
We refer to characters by their true names, but if they are going by an alias, a note can be added.
Worlds and characters should be in journal order where possible, and then failing that alphabetical.
Roxas should only appear once.
Per Dark Baymax's talk page, it is a separate entity from Baymax 1.0.
For the memory, hologram, and datascape worlds that do not share space with their real world in a game, I think it makes the most sense to keep them merged with their main world, so long as they don't reappear as a plot topic in a later game. Simulated Twilight Town is treated as a notably separate entity from Twilight Town in its original game, and reappears in KHD and KH3.
For Symphony of Sorcery, I believe the conceit is that the true portion of that world is the world within the music, not the tower itself."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 01:22, 18 February 2019 (UTC)