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Dr. Finkelstein's ingredients

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It's a struggle just to remember the name now.
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This article is about a topic that has not been named in any official Square Enix material. Its title is merely a placeholder.
"The "memory" given by Sally. Needed to create a heart."
"The "surprise" given by the mayor. Needed to create a heart."
Japanese ワスレナグサ
Rōmaji Wasurenagusa
Bikkuri Bako

Item Rarity Buy Sell

Dr. Finkelstein's ingredients are key items that appear in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Dr. Finkelstein wishes to create an artificial heart in order to make the Heartless more terrifying for Halloween. He makes the heart from several ingredients: "pulse" from a frog, "emotion", "terror" in the form of a spider, "fear" as symbolised by a hand sliding down a glass pane as a call for help, and "hope and despair" which is represented by a double ouroboros.

His first attempt fails to function, so he sends Jack Skellington, Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy to fetch more ingredients for his second attempt. The two ingredients are carefully selected to represent components of the heart that the doctor identifies as essential. Sally has the Forget-Me-Not, which signifies "memory". The group find her in the Graveyard and asks her for the flowers. She hands them over, despite her discomfort with creating a heart. To represent "surprise", the group retrieve a Jack-in-the-Box, after completing a puzzle, from a chest in the Boneyard, which the Mayor points out.

Adding both of these ingredients, Dr. Finkelstein makes an improved heart. However, with the aid of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Oogie Boogie steals the heart away from the doctor and consumes it so that he can possess a powerful heart to control the Heartless. To his frustration, Oogie Boogie's plans are interrupted when only a few Heartless answer his call. Later, when this news is relayed to Dr. Finkelstein, he ponders over why his creation remained dysfunctional and wonders whether his ingredients were the problem.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[edit]

Dr. Finkelstein makes his memory potion from Forget-Me-Not flowers.