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Okay, here are the tasks:

  1. Create pages for the seeds in the Mirage Arena in BBS.
  2. Create the coliseum enemy infoboxes for KHD and BBS.
  3. Add the Coliseum stats to the Enemy template for all enemies who appear in a cup. The template for KH1 is already running, and can be seen at Ice Titan and Behemoth. By all, that means everything, even Shadows.
  4. Check the worlds parameters for all enemies, and remove any instances of "Olympus Coliseum" or "Mirage Arena" when the enemy only appears in a cup match. This includes enemies appearing in the two Games in KH Days.
  5. Clean up the Cup pages.

I have tried to do all I can for now, but the "What Links Here" function is buggered by how we do directory templates everywhere.