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Homeworld The Land of Dragons
Origin Mulan (1998)
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Chi-Fu is an exclusive character who appears in the manga adaptation of Kingdom Hearts II. He serves as the royal advisor to The Emperor.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Chi-Fu observes Captain Li Shang training his soldiers in a pretty poor way. When Sora, Donald and Goofy peek in to watch the training, Chi-Fu mistakes the trio as soldiers, and orders them to get back into training. What Became of the Researcher Vexen

Later on, the army begins to march up a mountain to meet up with General Li's army. Chi-Fu is still not convinced that Shang's men are ready for war. As soon as they reach the village, they find it in ruins, and with the whole army slaughtered.

After the avalanche, Fa Mulan's gender is revealed. Chi-Fu demands that she be executed, but Shang is unwilling to do the job after his life was saved by her. He decides to leave her, along with Sora and his friends, on the mountain despite Chi-Fu's protests.

Later on, Chi-Fu appears during the battle at the palace, witnessing Riku beat Shang in battle to speak with the Emperor, and then watch in horror as the Storm Rider crashes into the palace. After the battle is over, he refuses Sora's request to allow Mulan to join the army. Instead, the Emperor offers her a place as his new adviser, much to Chi-Fu's anger.


Chi-Fu is an extremely lanky individual with black hair, beady eyes, and a Fu Manchu moustache. He is dressed in a long dark blue cap and robe, which he wears over a white undershirt. The robe is held together with a purple band around his waist. On his feet, he wears brown shoes. Despite his fine clothing, his teeth appears poorly maintained. He is always seen with a writing brush and board that he uses to take down reports for the Emperor.


Chi-Fu is a rather incompetent and misogynistic person, as shown by his antagonistic attitude towards Mulan. He has also shown cowardice at least once during the Huns' ambush.


Chi-Fu originates in the Disney film Mulan. When Captain Li Shang's father, General Li, arrives at the palace to inform the Emperor of the Huns invasion, Chi-Fu expresses disbelief at the prospect, citing the great defense of their Great Wall. The Emperor, however, takes the threat seriously and dispatches Chi-Fu to begin distributing conscription notices to gather men for the army. When he comes to Mulan's village to declare the announcement, Mulan begs that her father, Fa Zhou, to be spare for the upcoming war. Chi-Fu is insulted by her audacity and points out that Mulan's father was a former veteran in war. Once his task was completed, Chi-Fu returns to the palace and displays dismay when Shang was been promoted to train the recruits for war. Chi-Fu believes Shang is too inexperienced to train soldiers and was merely promoted due to his blood relation with the general. Subsequently, Chi-Fu is then placed in charge with supervising the training camp and to report to the Emperor on their progress.

Although the soldiers completed their training during their time in camp, Chi-Fu retorts to Shang that does not make them qualify for war and prepares a scathing report of their performance. Hearing this, Mushu dons a disguise and delivers a forged message to him that orders Shang's troops to the war front. After an ambush from the Huns, Mulan's true identity as a female is exposed, and Chi-Fu reveals the truth to the troops and claims that under law that forbids women from entering the army, Mulan must be executed. However, Shang spares her life to repay the debt he own her for saving his life, and ignores Chi-Fu's attempt to argue over the matter. After the climatic battle between Mulan and Shan-Yu (leader of the Huns) was over, Chi-Fu reappears and shows anger at her for burning his official's hat with the fireworks and accuses for nearly taking his life. When Shang comes to her defense, Chi-Fu dismisses the thought by arrogantly stating his belief Mulan will never be worth anything as she is a woman. Incensed, Shang was about to strike him, but was stopped by the Emperor, who, much to Chi-Fu's shock, honors Mulan for her heroics and offers her a position on his council. Chi-Fu tries to downplay the offer, as there were no spots available, and then faints when the Emperor suggests that Mulan could take his position.