Daybreak Town

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Daybreak Town is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ and serves as the hub for the player. The town is similar in appearance to Radiant Garden and Traverse Town.


Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

Upon Player’s arrival in Daybreak Town, a massive Corridor of Darkness opens, releasing a Darkside Heartless. Although Player summons their Keyblade to defend themselves, they are easily pushed back by the large Heartless. Before the Darkside can finish them off, Player is saved by their respective Foreteller, who forces the Darkside back into the Corridor of Darkness and follows in suite to destroy it. Player is not alone however, as a small cat-like figure had arrived alongside the Foreteller. Introducing themselves as Chirithy, the figure explains that as someone who’d sought out the Light, Player had been chosen to become a Keyblade wielder and to use the Keyblade – a weapon of Light to fend off the Darkness that is quickly covering the world. Chirithy tells Player that it’s their task to keep the Darkness at bay, collect Light and protect the world. Additionally, Chirithy details the existence of the Heartless as malicious beings of Darkness who seek out hearts and intend on plunging the world into Darkness and how the Keyblade is the only thing that can oppose them. With this, Chirithy reveals that he was tasked by Player’s Foreteller to act as an aid to the novice Keyblade wielder through their training.

Before progressing forward, Chirithy indicates that Player’s Keyblade, much like Player themselves, is incomplete and still requires the power of “Cards” called Fragments – one of which happens to be lying on the ground nearby. When Player appears to be confused, Chirithy suggests that they continue later. With Chirithy’s exit, Player goes to pick up the Card, only to be beaten there by a Moogle. The Moogle tells Player that they have many Cards that they can offer, but for a price. Ultimately however, the Moogle gives Player the Card, calling it a sample of what he has to offer.

After exploring the area and defeating several Shadow Heartless, Player is approached by their Foreteller – who tells them that they should be able to defeat weaker Heartless with their Keyblade, but for stronger Heartless Player will need to call upon the help of others who have the same will in order to be victorious. Just then, a Darkside appears, and numerous Keyblade wielders from your Union arrive to help take down the powerful Heartless. Following their victory, the Foreteller warns Player that there are others who appear to be collecting Light in order to fend off the Darkness, but that doesn’t mean that their will is the same. To elaborate, the Foreteller states that these other Unions don’t necessarily strive for peace across the Worlds, instead gathering the Light for their own selfish desires – however it’s up to Player to figure out whose darkness is hiding behind a façade of Light. Once the Foreteller leaves, Chirithy voices his understanding of Player’s confusion, but reminds them that Darkness continues to spread, and has in fact spread to other worlds. Revealing that he wants Player to go to these other worlds to fight the Darkness, Chirithy advises Player to use the Lanes Between to access these worlds.

Upon returning to Daybreak Town – Chirithy compliments Player’s progress, ultimately deciding to tell Player what they need to know: “Before the person who created me vanished, he gave his six disciples new names, and to five of them, a prophecy. Those five disciples, now Foretellers, read the prophecy in which the future was foretold - but they seemed to be shocked by the last verse. ‘By waging war on that land, Light shall face defeat and be annihilated. The world shall be engulfed in eternal darkness.’ In order to save the future, the five Foretellers thought about using the hidden power within the prophecies.” Chirithy reveals to Player that it is this power that they’re using, with the Cards acting as intermediaries. They used power from the future to protect the Light from Darkness, and tried to change the future that’s engulfed in Darkness. Chirithy reminds Player that even though the five Foretellers have the same goal, their wills differ, which is why Player mustn’t lose sight of who they are. Later, Player seeks out Chirithy, who claims to have been doing research on his own about the appearances of the Darkballs. As he’d thought, the Darkballs had come from yet another world – and so Chirithy sends Player to Olympus Colliseum in order to further fend off the Heartless.

After The Player tells Chirithy that they’ve unlocked a new power for the Keyblade, a thrilled Chirithy rushes off. Chirithy (2) appears suddenly and greets Chirithy. Chirithy asks Chirithy (2) how their Keyblade wielder is faring, only for Chirithy (2) to grow concerned as he states that their wielder seems to be rather indifferent, which it shrugs off as being a matter of inexperience. To make matters worse, Chirithy (2) grows worried that they only have five forces of Light – only to have Chirithy remind him that they’re not allowed to fill in any missing pieces, they can only believe in its growth.

While The Player is alone, they meet with another Keyblade wielder in The Moogle’s shop. The Wielder updates them on the current situation of there being a new species of powerful Heartless called Neoshadows somewhere in Daybreak Town – however due to the quantity of them, he’d decided to split up and take care of the Neoshadows with a couple other Keyblade wielders. The Wielder asks for The Player’s help in the matter, suggesting that they meet up there again once they’ve gotten rid of all the Neoshadows.

Once The Player has defeated all the Neoshadows, they return to The Moogle’s shop – only to find Chirithy waiting for them. Chirithy informs The Player that their fellow wielder wouldn’t be coming back and that they’d left a message for The Player: “Sorry for not keeping my promise.” Chirithy then proceeds through Daybreak Town, coming across Chirithy (2) collapsed on the ground. Chirithy (2) explains that his wielder had disappeared into Darkness, meaning that it would also disappear as all Chirithy are tied their respective wielders. Chirithy (2) then fades into Light, leaving Chirithy alone. Suddenly, The Player’s Foreteller appears, informing Chirithy that despite all the Lux that has been gathered by those who wield the Keyblade, darkness has continued to spread with more and more power. Chirithy then asks if that truly means that there is in fact a traitor among the five forces of Light – however The Foreteller states that they don’t want to believe that, yet.

In Daybreak Town, The Player comes across Donald and Goofy, who are stranded and need to build themselves a Gummy Ship in order to return home – however they don’t have any weapons on their person to defeat the Heartless with the Gummy Blocks that they need. Coming forward, The Player offers their help and defeats numerous Heartless for Donald and Goofy – though the two are only able to create a “Gummy Car” and a “Gummy Boat”. Donald and Goofy signify that they need King Mickey’s help in order to complete a proper design for a Gummy Ship. The Player continues defeating Heartless and collecting Gummy Blocks – however soon they find themselves helpless and surrounded by Wizard Heartless.

Fortunately, King Mickey arrives using a Star Shard and destroys the Heartless. After introducing himself, King Mickey reveals that he’d come in search of Donald and Goofy. When The Player explains the situation to him, King Mickey thanks them but admits that he’s not very well versed in creating Gummy Ships either. Luckily, Mickey had brought Chip and Dale alongside him, and so when The Player guides them to Donald and Goofy, Chip and Dale are able to manufacture a Gummy Ships from all the Gummy Blocks The Player had collected.

When left alone in the market place, Mickey thinks about how he’d thought that the Star Shard had been what led him to Daybreak Town – however now he’s not so sure. King Mickey’s attention is then brought to the Anguis Foreteller standing on a nearby rooftop. Chip and Dale manage to finish the Gummy Ship and are about to leave when they realize that King Mickey isn’t with them – only for him to show up suddenly and thank The Player for all their help before they take off and return to their own world.

The Player arrives at the Fountain Plaza to the sounds of the Moogle crying out in anguish as the Moogle comes sliding on the ground and stops at Player’s feet. The Player helps the Moogle to his feet, who then voices his failure, stating that not even Team Moogle could do “it”. After finally noticing The Player’s presence, the Moogle proclaims how happy he is to see his favourite customer, and asks if Player was listening just now – stating that Player had come just at the right time. The Moogle then lends The Player a Light Drawing Bangle, explaining how The Player could use it to extract Lux from Raid Bosses. Noticing that The Player seems confused, the Moogle explains that if they collect Lux for him that he’d trade it for items that would aid Player throughout his journey – such as more Cards – glad to see that The Player understands, the Moogle states that he’s counting on them before running off.

After defeating a Raid Boss and returning to the Fountain Plaza, The Player meets with the Moogle, who thanks them and says that he now has more than enough Lux thanks to Player. The Moogle then politely asks for the Light Drawing Bangle back, to which The Player obliges, prompting the Moogle to bid them farewell and run off again.

The Moogle makes his way to a nearby alleyway, where he speaks to an unseen figure; asking why they’d go to all this trouble when they could’ve just given The Player the Light Drawing Bangle themselves. The figure admits that what the Moogle said was true, but that it doesn’t seem to be the right time for that yet, adding that the Moogle got something out of it as well so they don’t see why it matters. A regretful Moogle admits that he doesn’t like tricking his favourite customer, to which the figure is intrigued to hear that the Moogle considered it to be a trick, when in fact The Player’s mission and their goal happened to be the same. The figure mentions that they're sure they’ll need the Moogle again in the future, and that they’d be counting on him then once again, before vanishing. Alone, the Moogle voices how things are getting bad.

After journeying to various worlds to complete Chirithy's missions, The Player once again hears the Moogle cry out and slide across the ground to their feet when they enter the Fountain Plaza. Helping the Moogle up, The Player learns that the Moogle has “failed” again, and that “it” really seems to be too much for him. Happy to see his favourite customer, the Moogle notes how “it” seems to be impossible without The Player’s help and lends The Player the Light Drawing Bangle once again. The Moogle urges The Player to collect more Lux from Raid Bosses and states that he’d have some “goodies” ready to trade for them when Player gets back. Saying that he’s counting on Player, the Moogle runs off once again and leave Player to his mission.

Upon returning to the Fountain Plaza, The Player meets with the Moogle, who thanks them and once again states that because of The Player’s efforts he has more than enough Lux now. The Moogle states that he may need The Player again in the future, but that for now he’ll just take back the Light Drawing Bangle and bid The Player farewell.

The Moogle once again meets the unseen figure in an alleyway, stating that he did in fact end up cooperating with them. The figure tells the Moogle that he’s making the right choice, taking the Light Drawing Bangle back from the Moogle. Still unsure of whether or not he’s doing the right thing, the Moogle regrets to admit that he’s sure he’s got some happy customers because of it. The figure asks if the Moogle now understands, as what they’re doing is essential to their mission. The figure once again suggests that he’ll call on the Moogle’s aid once again in the future before disappearing, leaving the Moogle alone to justify his actions by stating that there’s no other way.

In Daybreak Town, The Player learns from The Moogle that he’s lost his stock in the marketplace, meaning that if he runs out of stock then he and The Player will be in real trouble. This is why The Moogle suggests that The Player help him out by looking for the stock scattered across the marketplace. Once The Player has rounded up The Moogle’s stock, they return it, only to find out that a plane-like Heartless had stolen the Moogle shopping list that details everything that The Moogle needs to buy for his store and ran off in the direction of the warehouse. After chasing down the Heartless and destroying it, The Player returns the letter to The Moogle, who’s relieved to be able to get back to business. The Moogle elaborates that this all happened because a Heartless had chased him from The Lighthouse.

Concerned over what The Moogle had told them, The Player travels to The Lighthouse in the Seacoast Park. When they get to The Lighthouse, rather than finding a Heartless, The Player finds Chirithy, who tells him of the new Heartless that had appeared there before him, Minute Bomb Heartless. With this, Chirithy sends The Player to destroy the Minute Bomb that had been terrorizing The Lighthouse, while it looked into whether or not anymore Minute Bombs had appeared anywhere else. Throughout the day, The Player hunts down all the Minute Bombs around the marketplace and destroys them. Chirithy congratulates The Player on a job well done, but notes that they look tired and suggests that they return home for some rest.

That night, while The Player sleeps, he dreams of The Clock Tower, where he sees the five Foreteller meeting with someone in a Black Coat, Unknown χ. Before The Player can investigate however, they’re surrounded by Darkness and pulled out of their dream, finding Chirithy to be in the room with them. Chirithy asks what had happened, as it looked as though The Player was having a pretty bad nightmare, when The Player confirms this, Chirithy advises them to go back to sleep. When The Player is sleeping once again, Chirithy turns to the window and asks if he’s right to assume that Chirithy (3) had been the one to get in the way. Chirithy (3) materializes and asks if Chirithy was showing The Player a dream and what it was up to. Coldly, Chirithy claims that his interests are the exact opposite of Chirithy (3). Chirithy (3) sighs and asks if that means that they’ll become enemies before disappearing again. Turning to The Player, Chirithy asks itself whether or not it will be able to protect them.

The next morning, The Player hears that The Moogle is looking for them and makes his way to his shop. Once there, The Moogle informs The Player that a powerful Heartless appeared in Sea Coast Park, which would stop his customers from coming there to stop. As such, The Moogle asks that The Player to look into the matter and eliminate the Heartless. The Player does as directed, only to find another Keyblade wielder taking on the powerful Heartless, an Invisible. When they manage to destroy the Invisible, the wielder collapses and The Player rushes to his side to offer their help. The wielder claims to be fine and manages to pick himself up before admitting that the Invisible might have been a little too much for him to take on by himself. The wielder introduces himself as Ephemera, from an opposing Union – meaning that he and The Player are meant to be rivals. However, Ephemera assures The Player that they have nothing to worry about since they are acting independently rather than being on missions on behalf of their Unions. Ephemera wonders if his meeting with The Player was a destined meeting, ultimately deciding to provide The Player with information in return for helping him.

Ephemera reveals to The Player that the Lux that they’ve been gathering for the Unions is not the Light of fairy tales, and that the worlds that they’ve been visiting are like an illusion that has taken a solid form, meaning that the Light that they’re gathering is actually from Daybreak Town. When The Player voices their confusion, Ephemera elaborates that the worlds they’re in now are adjoining lands, and that there is a countless number of worlds in the universe. Due to the amount of these worlds it’d be impossible to travel to each one to gather Lux. Thus, by creating a world that doesn’t truly exist in that place it was made possible for them to gather Lux from other worlds too far to reach. What Ephemera is interested in is the source of these illusionary worlds, which he believes is the Book of Prophecies and The Foretellers of the Unions. In short, Ephemera tells The Player that they’re actually gathering Light from a large world, but doing so in a confined space. Even so, no one disputes the fact, which is why he had been searching for a reason, only Ephemera discovered that each of the Unions has different goals. Hearing this reminds The Player of the dream they’d had last night, which he tells Ephemera about, believing that it could somehow be tied to the answers Ephemera seeks. With this, Ephemera suggests that the two of them investigate the location in the dream for themselves.

After The Player and Ephemera make way to The Clock Tower, Chirithy appears and asks “He’s your instigation, then?” With that, Chirithy (3) – Ephemera’s Chirithy – appears and responds ambiguously. Moving toward Chirithy (3), Chirithy notes how his fellow Chirithy’s appearance has changed – growing darker from the last time they’d seen one another. Chirithy (3) instead ignores Chirithy and asks what it’s going to do instead, and if he’s really all right with The Player seeking out the truth.

Ephemera and The Player make it to the Clock Tower – where Ephemera mentions that he’s been many times to investigate – though he’s never been able to get into The Tower itself before. Seeing that The Player is discouraged, Ephemera suggests that they split up and look for another way that they can sneak in through.

Seeking out The Moogle, The Player updates him on the Invisible’s destruction prior to asking about how to get into The Tower, claiming that they’re in trouble if they can’t figure out how to. Though unsure, The Moogle makes note of how the canal flows further down The Tower, so logically if they were to follow the canal The Player might be able to find a way into The Tower. With this in mind, The Player then seeks out the switch that controls the water flow to the canal. The Player meets up with Ephemera again, who’d found a place that looked rather suspicious, which turned out to be the location of the water control switch.

Together, The Player and Ephemera descend beneath the streets of Daybreak Town and follow the canal underground into the sewers, which Ephemera makes note of seemingly being the only area down there connected to outside. Despite wanting to go further, Ephemera tells The Player that it’s too dark for them to see anything and that they should call it a day for the time being.

The next day The Player meets with Ephemera again, who explains that he’d been thinking about how to light their way through the sewers and come to the conclusion that they could use candles. Unfortunately though, he’d been refused, so Ephemera asks The Player if they could try asking for candles instead. As such, The Player goes into the shop and asks The Moogle if they can borrow one of his candles, which The Moogle agrees to. The Player then gives the candle to Ephemera and the two return to the sewers, with Ephemera lighting the way – with only a single candle however they’ll need to be careful not to allow the Heartless to extinguish their flame. As they travel further and further through the sewers, The Player has to defeat more and more Heartless in order to protect the candle. It isn’t until The Player meets their match against an Invisible that Ephemera has to intervene – making the two of them even. Though The Player wants to continue, Ephemera stops them, stating that they’d wasted too much time down there for one day, and if they were to break into the room and investigate that would take even longer. Not to mention how if they don’t go on their missions from their respective Unions, they’ll raise suspicion, suggesting that they try again at their next available time. The Player accepts Ephemera’s points, and so Ephemera extends his hand and declares that the two of them are “friends beyond Unions” now. The Player shakes Ephemera’s hand as he suggests that they meet at the fountain the following day at noon to continue their investigation, before heading home for the night.

At home, Chirithy notes how happy The Player seems to be, prompting The Player to explain how they’d met Ephemera. Chirithy understands, though it voices how it’s never had any friends, it can’t tell if it feels good. However, The Player assures Chirithy that the two of them are friends, which seems to cheer Chirithy up.

In the sewers, Ephemera rushes to the entrance to The Tower, apologizing to The Player before going any further.

The next day, The Player sits by the fountain waiting for Ephemera all day, only for Chirithy to ask what was wrong as they’d skipped their missions for yesterday and today. Chirithy suggests that they head back for the night, while also attempting to console The Player by assuring them that there must have been a good reason why Ephemera didn’t come, stating that when a friend breaks a promise something really important must have happened. Chirithy can understand that The Player must be sad, but encourages them to believe in Ephemera. When this doesn’t seem to work, Chirithy mentions how if The Player is sad, then he’ll be sad too, because they’re friends too. Feeling a little better, The Player picks Chirithy up in a warm embrace, revealing his Dream Eater symbol on his back momentarily.

Once again, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale have found themselves stranded in Daybreak Town, having crashed their Gummy Ship while looking for “The Key” which King Mickey specified in his letter. A Moogle enters the scene with a homemade Keyblade that he intends on fighting off the Heartless with – though it breaks apart and merges with The Player’s Keyblade instead. The Moogle allows The Player to defeat the Heartless on his behalf, and Donald and Goofy continue to observe The Player - assuming that they're the "key" which King Mickey was referring to. The Moogle then asks for his homemade Keyblade back, but every time he’s given the Keyblade it returns to The PLayer - destroying The Moogle's dream of fighting with a Keyblade so that he could collect and sell the merchandise he reaps from his efforts. Chip and Dale then return, revealing that the Gummy Ship had been repaired, but may take off randomly any minute. Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale quickly file into the Gummy Ship, but forget about The Player. Goofy wave’s goodbye to The Player, but Donald voices his interest in bringing The Player along with them so that they could help them find King Mickey. However, before this can be done the Gummy Ship takes off, leaving Player and their Chirithy alone.

Ephemera is shown sitting by the fountain with the Vulpeus Foreteller, Master Ava – claiming that she seemed troubled. Reasoning that even Foretellers must get worried about things from time to time, Ephemera teasingly asks Ava if she could divulge the secrets of The Book of Prophecies to him. Ava denies Ephemera, asking if he’s only teasing her because she’s the easiest Foreteller to talk to. After Ephemera denies this, Ava tells him that it’s all right and asks if she’s right to assume that Ephemera is not tightly bound to his Union companions. Rather than answer Ava, Ephemera tells her that he’d made a friend from another Union earlier and that the two of them agreed to meet each other the following day. Hearing this, Ava suggests that Ephemera return home for some rest to prepare. Agreeing Ephemera stands and bids Ava farewell, stating that even though he doesn’t know what’s going on he hopes that Ava gets better. After Ephemera leaves, Ava thanks him and mentions to herself that should something unexpected happen she’ll be leaving it to the children like Ephemera, who are not bound to their Unions. Looking up, Ava is surprised as a dandelion seed floats past her face – to which she calmly says “Fly away and ride the wind… dandelion”.

The following day, Ephemera is shown meeting The Player at the fountain, apologizing for being late as something important had come up. Together the two go through the sewers and prepare to enter The Tower, only The Player still doesn’t appear to be ready yet. Seeing this, Ephemera tells The Player that he’ll be waiting before he fades away in a cluster of dandelion seeds.

The Player wakes up at home, revealing everything to have been a dream, also waking up Chirithy in the process. The Player tells Chirithy about the dream involving Ephemera, finishing by stating that they intend on looking for him at The Tower. Chirithy shuts down the idea, reasoning that the area is within the Foreteller’s territory and right now isn’t the best time for this kind of thing. Chirithy says that it’s not supposed to tell The Player the details, but trouble has been brewing between the Foretellers of each Union, and so it’s best if The Player doesn’t go anywhere near The Clock Tower.

Despite Chirithy’s warning, The Player goes to The Clock Tower anyway, but when Chirithy follows The Player and reiterates his warning, The Player decides to double back and seek answers before progressing any further. The Player goes through town ands questions fellow Keyblade wielders about Master Ava, with one wielder mention that that they’ve seen people gathering in the fountain plaza, though they’re not sure why. Two other wielders mention a rumor that one of the Foretellers is going to be gathering superior Keyblade wielders no matter what Union they come from, and that this Foreteller is supposed to be Master Ava of Vulpeus, as well as the fact that they’d seen her around the fountain plaza a lot recently. In The Moogle Shop, another Keyblade wielder says that the last time they saw Ephemera he was speaking with Master Ava. Alternatively, the wielder has a friend that knows a great deal about Master Ava – but they’re away on a mission presently, though The Player can ask them about her when they get back. The Player then goes to ask The Moogle whether or not they know anything about Master Ava, but The Moogle instead sends The Player out in search of another Keyblade wielder who he’d sent out for some things and who has yet to return. The Player does this and in return for helping him out, The Moogle reveals that the Keyblade wielder who knows a lot about Master Ava has returned and that The Player should check the Coastal Park. Upon arrival in the Coastal Park, The Player finds that the wielder they’ve been searching for is under attack by some Darkballs. After helping to defeat the Darkballs, The Player questions the wielder about Master Ava, and learns that Master Ava was last seen heading for The Tower.

Heading to the entrance in the sewers, The Player and Chirithy finally find Master Ava. Ava questions why The Player has sought her out, prompting The Player to explain that they’re looking for Ephemera. Shocked and confused, Ava admits to knowing Ephemera, but still doesn’t understand what that has to do with her. The Player divulges that he’d had a dream where Ephemera told them to meet him there. Understanding, Ava reiterates that Ephemera is waiting there for them in a dream and that they’re telling her this in the Foreteller’s domain. Master Ava reveals that Ephemera had recently gotten caught up in some trouble that the Foretellers had brought on, and out of all the Foretellers – Ava assumes that The Player found her to be the most suspicious. Accepting this, Ava summons her Keyblade and challenges The Player to battle. Eventually, Ava stops the battle, and an exhausted Player falls to the ground. Ava commends The Player’s power, but warns them that they harbor sadness in their heart and that they need to overcome it quickly. However, Ava is not too concerned, noting that The Player has a good friend by their side in the form of Chirithy, so she’s sure everything will work out fine. Ava advises The Player to return home for the night while also making it known to The Player that they can’t come to The Tower whenever they feel like it. Understanding, The Player leaves with Chirithy, allowing Ava to realize that they are the friend Ephemera had spoken of.

When Ephemera went to The Tower entrance in the sewers alone, he stopped before he could get in, having heard someone approaching. When the Unknown χ emerges from the shadows, Ephemera asks who they are before the scene fades to black. Chirithy watches over The Player as they sleep, mentioning that they’d had a tough day and that he’d never anticipated having to fight a Foreteller. Master Ava then appears in the room, remarking on her own surprise over the situation, though admitting that she wouldn’t have fought so simply had she been serious – signifying that she was only testing The Player’s strength. Chirithy asks Ava about her actions, only for her to ask if it had been the one to show The Player the dream with Ephemera. When Chirithy denies this, Ava voices how it may have been Ephemera trying to reach The Player from the dream. Chirithy questions what Ava means, so she elaborates by saying that Ephemera had been closing in on the truth, and as such she believes that he’s now in another dimension apart from the free one that they call “Unchained”, and that Ephemera seems to have attempted reaching out to The Player from this dimension. Moving closer to The Player, Ava suggests that if Ephemera and the dream really are connected, then that could mean that The Player is also nearing the Unchained dimension – though whether or not they continues will depend on their heart. Ava then asks Chirithy to protect The Player from their nightmares so that The Player can fly away and ride the wind one day as well, before disappearing once again. Looking to The Player, Chirithy questions what Ava means by protecting them from nightmares.

Following the successes of The Player at Beast's Castle, The Player meets Chirithy in the Fountain Plaza, where Chirithy greets them happily and asks if he’s right to assume that The Player’s always “going at it with all he’s got” – revealing that he’d brought something as a reward for all of The Player’s hard work, handing The Player Beads of Light. The Player celebrates briefly before Chirithy tells them that there’s no need for it and asks that The Player put it away. Chirithy explains that while The Player wears the Beads of Light, they can’t be devoured by the Darkness, continuing to say that they’d been assigned a special mission directly from their Foreteller and that they’ll need the Beads of Light to complete the mission successfully. Elaborating, Chirithy explains that The Player would still be defeating Heartless, but within the Corridors of Darkness, advising Player to be careful because the Beads of Light can only protect them from the Darkness for a set period of time. The Player accepts the mission before them, earning some encouragement from Chirithy, who suggests that The Player not push themselves and do their best.

Following the success of their mission, The Player and Chirithy return to Daybreak Town through the Corridors of Darkness, where Chirithy commends The Players success, though admitting that they’d be requiring Player’s help once again if the same sort of mission comes up again. Chirithy later meets with the Foreteller in the tower to report on how The Player handled the mission. The Foreteller states that all’s well that ends well before leaving – only to have Chirithy chase after them. Chirithy asks the Foreteller if they didn’t think that it was a bit early to be giving The Player a mission like that, only for the Foreteller to explain that it was necessary in order to expedite The Player’s growth; as they must develop a resistance to the Darkness as soon as possible. When Chirithy asks why, the Foreteller reveals that a rise of the forces of Darkness draws near, and until that time the numbers of their Union must be increased as much as possible, which Chirithy says he understands.

Returning to the Fountain Plaza through the Lanes Between following a mission, Chirithy commends The Player’s success – only to notice how fatigued The Player has become; admitting that the collection of Lux has become more difficult lately, but it can’t be helped as each Union is increasing the amount of Lux they’re collecting. Suddenly, a voice rings in from nearby – wondering why the Unions are competing in the first place. Another Keyblade wielder then emerges from the Lanes Between nearby, reminding The Player and Chirithy that all the Unions’ goals are the same: to protect the Light, yet at some point people wanted to outdo one another and gather more and more Lux – suggesting that it’s possible that their goals have changed. Chirithy asks who the Keyblade wielder is, and so she introduces herself as Skuld, stating that it’s nice to meet The Player.

Abruptly, Skuld asks if she’s right to assume that The Player knows Ephemera – shocking both The Player and Chirithy – though Skuld explains that she knew Ephemera because they were from the same party. Continuing, Skuld explains that Ephemera had become a Keyblade wielder not long ago, and recently he’d left their party. Skuld admits that the next part is the most important, revealing that Ephemera has since visited her in her dreams and instructed her to help The Player. When Chirithy asks why Ephemera would ask her to do such a thing, Skuld admits that she doesn’t know, though ever since Ephemera disappeared she’s felt as though she’s passed by him a hundred times – though he’s never greeted her, and she’s unsure why he’s appearing to her through her dreams; so she’s not even sure why she’d meant to work with The Player. Ultimately she’d sought out The Player in hopes that they might know something.

The Player then explains to Skuld that Ephemera’s appeared to them through their dreams as well. Happy to be finally getting somewhere, Skuld asks what Ephemera said and what kind of dream he’d appeared in. When The Player explains the dream to Skuld, Skuld is intrigued by the fact that Ephemera had said that he’d be waiting for The Player. Skuld then suggests that they return to the place The Player went to with Ephemera once more, though Chirithy says that they can’t – as Master Ava had barred them from doing so. However, Skuld suggests that this is because there’s something there; believing that the reason Ephemera wanted her to work alongside The Player likely has something to do with that. Skuld then mentions that there’s something else as well, only to be interrupted by a large crashing. Realizing that the sound came from nearby, Skuld summons her Keyblade and suggests that they investigate, with The Player and Chirithy following close behind.

Skuld, The Player and Chirithy are brought to a stop when they see that the source of the crashing was in fact the Anguis and Ursus Foreteller battling across the rooftops of Daybreak Town. Skuld questions why the Foretellers are fighting one another, stating that it seems as though Ephemera was right; confusing The Player and Chirithy. Skuld reveals that what she was going to say earlier was actually something that Ephemera told her in her dreams; that the end of the world was drawing near. Chirithy asks what Skuld means, and while she doesn’t know, she does remark on how the end always comes suddenly and without warning – similarly to how Ephemera disappeared. The Player then suggests that they carry on to the place where they were meant to meet Ephemera.

On their way, Skuld, The Player and Chirithy are confronted by humanoid Heartless – Black Costumes – who demand that the Keyblade wielders give them their Lux. While The Player and Skuld fend off the Black Costumes, they’re unable to destroy them before they run off, and while they chase after the Heartless, a Nightmare Chirithy appears and blocks their path. Chirithy asks who the Nightmare Chirithy is, and after a short greeting, Chirithy realizes that it is Chirithy (3) – who reasons that because people just fight over Lux in the end, he thinks it would be best if the Keyblade wielders just hand it over to them; though it’s not a problem if they want to hold on to it for now. When Chirithy brings up the Chirithy (3)’s changed appearance, Chirithy (3) asks if he likes the new look – leading Chirithy to the revelation that Chirithy (3) had been completely engulfed by the Darkness.

When Skuld voices her surprise, Chirithy (3) asks why they all hate the Darkness so much, reasoning that just as there is night and day in the world, there is Light and Darkness within them all – so what is there to be afraid of. Chirithy asks if he’s right to assume that the three Black Costumes were originally human – which Chirithy (3) confirms – shocking Skuld and The Player. Chirithy (3) explains that weak-hearted humans are afraid of Darkness and are eventually consumed by it, whereas letting the Darkness in and controlling it is how one can possess true strength. The Black Costumes, like the Keyblade wielders, are not using the fragmented power of the Foretellers, asking if he’s right to assume that the Keyblade wielders before him are indeed using their own power. Chirithy mentions that that is not the method of teaching they’re meant to be using – while Chirithy (3) writes off their teaching as unrelated; reasoning that the truth of this world isn’t something that can be taught to anyone, only learned for yourself. This prompts Chirithy to ask who Chirithy (3) is tied to – only for Chirithy (3) to laugh and reveal that “he’s” nearby and that they’ll be meeting him sooner or later, before disappearing.




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  • The incarnations of King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale appear to also be manifestations of characters from the future derived from the power of The Book of Prophecies, meaning that they're not truly present in this timeline.
  • Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale's second visit to Daybreak Town appears to be sourced mainly around their visit to Traverse Town from the first Kingdom Hearts, albeit slightly different due to interaction with different characters.