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Shadow KHII.png

Shadow (Purple) KHD.png

The Shadow in 358/2 Days.

Shadow KHX.png

Field sprite in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Katakana シャドウ Heartless Emblem.png

Rōmaji Shadou

Type Pureblood Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts χ

Kingdom Hearts
Heartless that emerge from various places. They sneak up to their enemies and strike them with sharp claws. They are extremely tenacious, often chasing their prey to the end.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
A Heartless that pops up in all kinds of places.
The Shadow ambles around and attacks without warning. It is completely untouchable while hiding within the darkness.
Kingdom Hearts II
It sinks into the ground while moving, so timing is the key to defeating it.
The moment it surfaces, attack away!
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
A Pureblood Heartless that flows across the ground as a shadow, completely immune to attack.
Watch for the moment it emerges, then strike!
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
One of the many forms the heart takes after being swallowed by darkness.
Being that appears along with the darkness. It searches for hearts to attack them.
Kingdom Hearts coded
Heartless which lurk here, there, and everywhere. They hide themselves beneath their own shadows as they draw close to their prey, then lash out with sharpened claws. Don't want to get caught shadowboxing? Then wait till they surface to strike.
Before rescue After
HP 10-54 60
Attack 2-31 35-40
Defense 2-24 27-30
MP recovery 0-40 45-53
EXP 1-16 30
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

(1) HP Ball x1
(1) Munny x2
Potion (1%), Mega Potion[1], Lucid Shard (6%)
Dive to the Heart, Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Agrabah, Monstro, Halloween Town, Neverland, Hollow Bastion, End of the World
Before rescue After
HP 10-54 60
Attack 2-31 35-40
Defense 2-24 27-30
MP recovery 0-40 45-53
EXP 1-16 30
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

Phil Cup

Seed 4 (Hard Hitters): 4 Shadow

Pegasus Cup

Seed 8 (Marauders): 4 Shadow

Hercules Cup

Seed 9 (Dusk Vanguard): 3 Shadow

Hades Cup

Seed 49 (Shadow Brothers): 7 Shadow
Seed 47 (Terrible Feet): 2 Shadow
Seed 32 (Shadow Summoners): 6 Shadow
Seed 26 (Shadow Storm): ? Shadow
Seed 9 (Night Rave): 5 Shadow
Seed 5 (Black Storm): ? Shadow

Floor Basement HP AP EXP

1 12 33 3 3
2 11 36 3 7
3 10 39 4 12
4 9 42 5 16
5 8 45 5 21
6 7 49 6 25
7 6 52 7 30
8 5 55 8 32
9 4 58 9 36
10 3 62 10 41
11 2 98 9 75
12 1 105 10 80
13 111 11 91
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Neutral
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stun Stop Warp
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Bind Confuse Terror Magnet Freeze
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

Shadow (card).png
Increase the value of all cards by 1.
Duration Cost Values Duel Time
2 reloads 25 CP 1 3 cards 4 s
Traverse Town, Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Monstro, Neverland, Hollow Bastion, Twilight Town, Destiny Islands, Castle Oblivion, Bottomless Darkness
Location Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Twilight Town 7 15 2 10 5
Hollow Bastion 8 16 3 11 5
The Land of Dragons 10 17 4 12 6
Beast's Castle 13 20 5 15 8
Hollow Bastion 15 22 6 17 9
Olympus Coliseum 16 22 7 17 9
Disney Castle 18 24 9 19 10
Timeless River 19 25 9 20 11
Port Royal 20 26 10 21 11
Agrabah 22 27 13 22 12
Halloween Town 24 29 15 24 13
Pride Lands 26 31 18 26 14
Hollow Bastion 28 32 21 27 15
Space Paranoids 28 32 21 27 15
Hollow Bastion 30 34 24 29 16
Space Paranoids 34 38 32 32 18
The World That Never Was 50 50 80 45 26
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

(1) HP Ball x1
(1) Munny x1
Dark Shard (4%)
Twilight Town, Hollow Bastion, The Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Disney Castle, Timeless River, Port Royal, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Pride Lands, Space Paranoids, The World That Never Was
Cup Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Pain and Panic Cup

Match 1: 5 Shadow
Match 4: 4 Shadow

20 26 21 11
Pain and Panic Paradox Cup

Match 1: 5 Shadow
Match 4: 4 Shadow

60 59 54 31
Hades Paradox Cup

Match 1: 3 Shadow
Match 7: 4 Shadow

99 91 87 51
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Hearts Munny Stun
00 20 1 8
02 20 1 8
05 20 1 8
07 20 1 8
08 20 1 8
09 20 1 8
14 25 1 15
20 27 1 18
21 27 1 18
22 27 1 18
23 27 1 18
26 27 1 18
27 27 1 18
28 27 1 18
29 27 1 18
35 30 2 24
42 30 2 24
43 30 2 24
59 43 2 45
61 43 3 45
74 48 4 52
77 48 6 52
83 48 8 52
89 48 11 52
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x2.20 x1.60 x0.60 x1.70
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x1.00 x1.00 x1.00 x1.00


Missions 1-14
Potion (10%)
Missions 15-35
Potion (10%)
Missions 36-50
Ether (25%)
Missions 51-61
Moonstone (15%)
Missions 73-93
Blazing Gem (7%)

Twilight Town, Agrabah, Beast's Castle, Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum, Neverland

The Shadow is a Pureblood Heartless introduced in Kingdom Hearts. Although the Shadow is not the weakest type of Heartless, it is the most basic type, and it is still a threat to those without the Keyblade. It is found in each world in every game, excluding the worlds of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance; Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II; and The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, this Heartless appeared only in the Realm of Darkness during the Secret Episode of the game. Certain Heartless, such as the Darkside, the Dark Follower, or Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, can also summon Shadows, and the Shadows spawned by the Dark Follower are violet in coloration, rather than the traditional black.


A normal Shadow has a vaguely humanoid body structure. It has a round, spherical head with circular, glowing yellow eyes. It also has two long, twisted antennae sprouting out of the top of its head. Each of its hands has three clawed fingers, and its feet are large and lack any discernible digits. With the exception of its eyes, this Heartless's body is completely black (with the exception of the Shadows summoned by the Dark Follower, which are dark purple).

The Shadow's name is a reference to a shadow, highlighting its status as the most basic type of Heartless. The name could also be a reference to the Shadow's ability to flatten itself into a silhouette on the ground, and become a literal shadow.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

While Aqua is traversing the Realm of Darkness, she encounters the Shadow among a few other Pureblood Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

The Shadows first appear within Sora's Dive to the Heart, but are summarily destroyed by Sora, along with the Darkside, and he awakes from his dream. However, when Riku opens the door to Destiny Islands's heart, the Shadows reappear to devour the children's island. Sora notices the storm caused by their arrival and races to the island, but although he attacks them with his Wooden Sword, he is unable to damage the eldritch monsters until he discovers the Keyblade. Although he is now equipped to fight back the horde, his friends have already fallen into the darkness, and the island's heart has been devoured.

Shadows continue to appear as minor Heartless throughout the worlds, but do not reappear in force until Sora completes the Door to Darkness at Hollow Bastion by releasing Kairi's heart from his body. Not only does this change him into a Shadow, but the triumphant Ansem summons a swarm of Shadows to chase Kairi, Donald Duck, and Goofy from the castle. However, at the Entrance Hall, Kairi notices the Shadow that is Sora and embraces him, giving him back his human form.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Shadows appear in the Mission Mode tutorial when the player learns about collecting Mission Points. They also appear when Roxas trains with Marluxia, Marluxia then proceeding to tell Roxas why the Organization ignored Pureblood Heartless, using the Shadow as an example. Much later in the storyline when Roxas went to Halloween Town on a mission in which he was to meet up with Xigbar, he was surrounded by Shadows before being rescued by the latter. Still later on, Roxas fought a more powerful version of the Darkside, the Dark Follower. The Dark Follower had the ability to summon purple-colored Shadows.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[edit]

Several Shadows spawn when Sora and company attempt to leave the card world of Monstro, when Jack Skellington mentions a "problem" in Halloween Town, and when Sora arrives in Agrabah to find Aladdin under attack by Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy, as well as Kairi and Riku separately enter the Hall of Empty Melodies, a swarm of Shadows appears and attacks them. Riku lends Kairi a Keyblade, and they each fight back the swarm. However, it is Xigbar who finishes the Heartless off, before he challenges Sora to battle. After Ansem fires the Kingdom Hearts Encoder at Xemnas's artificial Kingdom Hearts, the shower of hearts that results attracts a gigantic swarm of Shadows, who attack the castle. Maleficent and Pete offer to hold off the Shadows so that Sora and his friends can defeat Xemnas, in exchange for the castle itself. When the castle is destroyed in Xemnas's final assault, it is assumed that the Shadows are as well.

Kingdom Hearts Manga[edit]

When Sora goes to check on the raft during the night of the storm, he spots Riku and Kairi's boats at the dock and rushes off to make sure they're safe, unaware of the Shadows beginning to emerge from the ground behind him. Invader

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Multiple Shadows are shown in the concept trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. They appear before Sora in Traverse Town and surround him.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Sora facing a swarm of Shadow Heartless in Kingdom Hearts III.

In the teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, a swarm of Shadow Heartless chases after Sora in the Tram Common.



Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • Claw Attack

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[edit]

  • Claw Attack
  • Slide Kick

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Left Scratch (左引っかき Hidari Hikkaki?)
  • Right Scratch (右引っかき Migi Hikkaki?)
  • Jump Scratch (跳び引っかき Tobi Hikkaki?)


Shadows emerge from the ground to attack with a simple but powerful scratch attack. These Heartless are easy to defeat on their own, but their habit of attacking in large swarms can be quite overwhelming. When facing swarms of Shadows in Kingdom Hearts, the Thunder spell is an effective means of finishing off these foes quickly. The Keyblade is sufficient enough to take down a Shadow when it challenges Sora on its own, however.

Sora can block Shadows' scratch attacks, but he does not gain any Tech Points for doing so successfully.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. Only during the World of Chaos battle.