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Luxu KH2.8HD.png

Katakana ルシュ Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Rushu
Voice actors (Ja:) Kenjiro Tsuda
(En:) Max Mittelman
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Games Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-

Luxu is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. He is the sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

According to Chirithy, Luxu was originally one of the six apprentices of his creator, the "Master of Masters". He was assigned his name by the Master, but unlike the others, was not given a tome from the Book of Prophecies. Mission 114[please confirm] Instead, he was made privy to the secret contents of the Lost Page detailing the intentions of the Master of Masters—intentions that are not concerned with the survival of the world, and instead foretell how the conflict between Unions will eventually erupt in the Keyblade War—and was given the mission to observe these events to ensure that they will occur as prophesied. He disappeared shortly after the Master of Masters did, leading the other Foretellers to believe that he was following the Master and might have information on his whereabouts.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

Luxu and the Keyblade observed the final moments of the Keyblade War at the Keyblade Graveyard, granting the Master of Masters knowledge of the event.

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

As the situation between the Unions deteriorates, the Player and Skuld decide to question Foreteller Gula about Foreteller Ava. He informs them that she is searching for the Master of Masters in order to prevent the Keyblade War, and has sought out the sixth apprentice, Luxu, who is the only one with clues to the Master's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Ava tracks Luxu to the outskirts of Daybreak Town. When questioned by Ava, Luxu explains his mission, then claims that the Keyblade War is unavoidable and that he will set off after the current world ends. Ava accuses him of being the traitor responsible for sowing distrust between the unions, and he brandishes his Keyblade.


Luxu is a man wearing a black coat. His zipper is engraved with a stylized version of the Unversed emblem.

His name is derived from the Latin word "luxuria", or Lust, which is symbolized by a scorpion in the Ancrene Wisse.


As an apprentice of the Master of Masters, Luxu wields a Keyblade that has a dark black handle with a raised spiral carved around it. Its pommel and guard resemble black, demonic wings. The base of the blade is an etching of a horned lion, and the shaft is formed from two black, barbed blades, etched with a white icon resembling a bramble of thorns. The teeth are formed in the shape of a demonic wing, and are set with an eye of darkness. The Keychain is made of small, grey links, and the token is an entangled, grey talisman with an eye of darkness. Unlike the Keyblades of the other apprentices, it lacks Terra's Mark.

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