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Chainoffire - "Hey, wait... I'm enjoying this. You guys are something else!"
TALK - :) Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 05:29, 23 September 2014 (UTC)
Eternal Flames KHD.png Have you ever wanted to be in a podcast? talk to your fellow editors? or just rant about something KH-like? Well now's your chance! Sign up below if you want to be a part of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki/Keyhole 's very own round room! Yes, you get your very own spot as a special guest in an episode. But before you sign up, you should know if you are qualified to sign up. A user must meet the following criteria:
  • You must have at least 300 edits on either site.
  • You must be a recognized member of the community. (The final call will be made by Erry, Chaser, Chain and Neumannz, take that as you will.)
  • You must have a Skype account that you are willing to share with the four other podcasters. Either it be a fake temporary one or a real one, you must have one. We will not accept Google+ or any other types of accounts for this, it MUST be skype.
  • You must have a working quality microphone. We'll do a test with your mic and try to help you solve any issues you may have with it, but we're not miracle workers. No mic = no podcast. A camera is not required.
  • You may only be in a podcast once. Once you've been in it, you may not sign up for it again.
  • Your internet must be at a reasonable speed, if we are having technical issues, we will end the podcast, even if not everything was covered.

So if you meet those criteria, feel free to sign up below! Keep in mind that the criteria is subject to change and just because you sign up, it doesn't guarantee you a spot in the podcast, even if you meet all the criteria. Also, you only get one episode. Eternal Flames KHD.png

Sign UpsEdit

Previous guestsEdit


Due to the few active and available members, I'd think there should be some sort of way to be able to cycle through the guests (i.e. previous guests should be able to participate again). I was thinking of a time period of six months or 12 episodes, which ever comes last. What do you guys think?  KeybladeSpyMaster   20:50, 4 October 2014 (UTC)

If we do that, I do think that the main three podcasters should have the ultimate decision of who they allow to come back. For the sake of the podcast's success, guest members who don't mesh well with the rest of the group, for example, or does anything else that reduces the podcast's enjoyability (whether its their fault or not), shouldn't return. It's a harsh reality but considering the main three podcasters are putting hard work and effort into this, it's unfair if the guest member ruins it for them. Obviously, the main three can give people second chances if they choose to. TheFifteenthMember 21:33, 4 October 2014 (UTC)

So... When are we doing this? RoadToDawn