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Items-44-Herc's Shield.pngI've been thinking about what Master Xehanort said in Blank Points to Terra: "You are just one of many roads that I might choose to take. Trust me. I made certain of that." And then in Signs of What's Next, Yen Sid said "A man like Xehanort will have left many roads open." This has been bugging me, how could Xehanort left any roads open. The only roads he took after fusing with Terra was becoming a Heartless and Nobody. Master Xehanort knew about Heartless because he summoned them against Ventus, but nobodies. Uuuummmm?

So here's my theory; Before the battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, he must of went to Ansem the Wise and suggested something to Ansem about the heart and that made Ansem want to study further or he got Braig to do it for him to stop any suspicion; cause how would you feel if a stranger talked to you about hearts (although he did this with Mickey but Mickey's nice). So if Ansem studied, maybe he could "accidently" make heartless so Xehanort could become one himself. And maybe he had a theory about nobodies.

I would love to hear your theory about this. I just want a few blanks to be filled as much as possible.

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It's an interesting theory, except for one thing: Xehanort never met Ansem before he fused with Terra, otherwise when Braig, Dilan, and Ansem found Terra-Xehanort, Ansem would have said "Xehnort? Now why does that name sound familiar? Dilan, Braig! He's too suspicious! Let's leave him here to die! No, wait! Send the hounds after him!" Well, maybe not like that, but still, Xehanort may have set his sights on Ansem beforehand, but I doubt he ever confronted him before becomeing his apprentice. He may have been aware of Ansem's studies and concerns on the darkness of the heart, so that's probably another reason he got Braig's help, to have someone on the inside (as well as to further his plans with Terra). Still, if Heartless have existed as long as people, maybe Nobodies did, too. So if Master Xehanort knew about Heartless, maybe he knew about Nobodies, too (though whether his Armor Symbol or the Nobody insignia came first is hard to tell). In any case, it is clear that Xehanort had other "paths" to take, what ever they may be, seeing as though he and Vanitas were aware of the possiblity of a "backup plan" with Aqua.