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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

System Sectors[edit]

In Hollow Bastion I, there are two System Sectors: one required to advance through the story and one available later in Questploration.

Location High Tower
Recommended Level
Chance of Virus
Scan Level Lv1
Floor Challenge Rate
1 Use your Finish command! x4.0
2 Defeat 28-30 Heartless![1] x5.0
Multipliers EXP 10% of remaining SP
Munny 10% of remaining SP
Reward System Reward Cost (SP)
D-Blizzara 1100
Command Ring 900
HP +2 500
Strength +1 500
Magic +1 500
Defense +1 500
Fire Resistance +3 1100
Magnera 300
Location Entrance Hall (UL)
Recommended Level 80
Chance of Virus
Scan Level Lv4
Floor Challenge Rate
1 Use a Megalixir! x1.5
2 Exit the floor in 100 seconds or less! x1.5
3 Air-toss Heartless 15 times! x1.5
4 Spend less than 60 seconds on the ground! x2.5
5 Use Attack no more than 9 times! x2.0
6 Miss with no more than 7 of your attacks! x3.5
7 Don't use any recovery commands! x2.0
8 Take damage no more than 7 times! x3.5
9 Defeat Heartless in a single blow 12 times! x3.0
10 Defeat 10 enemies at MAX overclock! x2.0
11 Exit the floor in 120 seconds or less! x3.0
12 Defeat the Eliminator! x3.0
13 Use a Finish command in under 60 seconds! x4.5
Multipliers EXP 100% of remaining SP
Munny 1% of remaining SP
Reward System Reward Cost (SP)
Ultima Weapon 1500000
Debug Device: Y 102000
Lucky Strike 51000
Strength +2 51000
Magic +2 51000
Defense +2 51000
HP +4 51000
Fire +2 51000
Blizzard +2 51000
Thunder +2 51000
Aero +2 51000
Cure +2 51000
Fire Resistance +2 51000
Blizzard Resistance +2 51000
Thunder Resistance +2 51000
Aero Resistance +2 51000
Icicle Mine 40000
Flame Fall 40000

  1. Number of Heartless can vary.
  2. 100% chance of appearing.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Type Items Found Locations Notes
Regular Elixir Library
Megalixir x 2 Rising Falls, High Tower
Mega-Potion Library
Gummis Dispel-G x 4 Rising Falls x 2, Library, Great Crest Need to jump into bubble at Rising Falls to retrieve
Esuna-G Waterway
Flare-G x 2 Waterway, Grand Hall
Float-G x 3 Dungeon x 2, Lift Stop
Holy-G Castle Gates
Thundaga-G Lift Stop
Tornado-G x 3 Base Level x 2, Lift Stop
Ultima-G Lift Stop
Power-Ups AP Up Library
Defense Up Rising Falls
Power Up Entrance Hall
Synthesis Mythril x 3 Base Level, Library, Lift Stop
Orichalcum x 3 Lift Stop, Castle Gates, Great Crest
Special Blizzaga Ring Rising Falls
Firaga Ring Waterway
Oblivion Grand Hall Can only be reached after the second trip to Hollow Bastion
Thundaga Ring Great Crest


  • 61, 62, & 63 - Grand Hall on the lefthand ledge near the Keyhole platform.
  • 91, 92, & 93 - Rising Falls, on the water surface, under the floating platforms near the Save Point.
  • 94, 95, & 96 - Far lefthand platform at the Castle Gates. You will need to take the moving platform or use Glide to get there.
  • 97, 98, & 99 - On a Gravity platform near the entrance of the High Tower.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Type Items Found Locations Notes
Regular Hi-Potion Corridors
Power-Ups AP Boost x 2 Postern, Corridors
Synthesis Mythril Stone Corridors
Mythril Gem Postern
Mythril Crystal Corridors
Maps Castle Perimeter Postern
Recipes Skill Recipe Ansem's Study Can get after the first visit to Space Paranoids
Special Cosmic Chain Heartless Manufactory Open after completing Space Paranoids for the first time
Gull Wing Postern Talk to Yuna to access this chest
Ukulele Charm Ansem's Study Only appears after turning on the power in Space Paranoids

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Puzzle Pieces Found Locations Notes
Postern Above the doorway to the Corridors. Need LV2 High Jump and LV1 Aerial Dodge.
Postern On the steps going down and around the central area.
Heartless Manufactory
Corridors Need LV3 High Jump.
Ansem's Study Behind the closed door that leads to the Heartless Manufactory

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Type Treasure Location Notes
Stat Chip Aero +1 Castle Gates High metal blox east of door
Aero Resistance +3 Castle Gates High metal blox west of door
Defense +1 Castle Gates Walkway west of door
Magic +1 Waterway Eastern section
Thunder +3 Library 3 Southeastern section, on top of bookcase
Cure +3 Library 4 Western section, on top of bookcase
Thunder Resistance +2 High Tower Western section, during switch sequence
Lucky Strike Castle Gates High ledge by eastern gate
Command Heat Dive Castle Gates Lower metal blox far west of door
Esuna Waterway West of elevator
Blizzaga Waterway Northwestern section, during switch sequence
Exo Spark Waterway Northeastern section, during switch sequence
Cura Entrance Hall (LL) Eastern end of hall
Firaga Library 3 Northwestern corner
Finish Command Mega Flare Library 2 Top of column during switch sequence
Key Item Debug Device: R Castle Gates Past eastern gate


Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Dungeon Center of the room. Mega-Ether, Mega-Potion, Cottage and HP balls
Great Crest Right-hand lower balcony, near the landing point for the large magic lift. Cottage x 2, Megalixir and MP balls
Red Entrance Hall Second floor, in front of the tusked stone statue. Emblem Piece
Green Library Second floor, same area as the table and save point. Reach book on shelf.
White Rising Falls Shallow pool where Riku takes the Keyblade. Firaga-G