A Time to Chill

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A Time to Chill

MA A Time to Chill.png
Katakana 凍える吹雪

Romaji Kogoeru Fubuki
Japanese Freezing Blizzard
Arena Level 13
Rounds 8
Medals 375

Rewards Terra: N/A
Ventus: Max HP+10
Aqua: Max HP+10

A Time to Chill is the ninth battle featured at the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.





This battle in the Mirage Arena can be divided into two sections, each with its own boss. The first half of this challenge constitutes of four rounds, three of those rounds consisting of fighting Unversed. Finally the last part of this first half ends with the player fighting against a tag-team effort of Hades and Zack. The second half of this challenge is similar to the first half. The first part of this second half starts with three rounds of fighting Unversed, which leads the player to the last round of this half, and the final boss of this challenge: the Ice Colossus. Victory over the Ice Colossus gives the player victory over this arena battle.