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This essay addresses nearly every recurring problem we have with our articles. The only others I can think of are phrasing stuff like "Verbing X, Character verbed Y" (This should only ever be used if the first verb is "be", and even then it's awkward!)

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20px-Pin_000.png Out of those four, I think that writing pointless trivia might be our biggest problem.
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FA icon.png I thought we already carried out the mission of trivia-cide ?

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I think the ideal for some would be to have no trivia whatsoever, with the facts incorporated in existing sections.

Granted, as you said, TroisNyx, we have improved a lot on the trivia issue overall; it's limited and we don't have 13 facts crammed in at the bottom of every page. The point has also been made that some worthwhile trivia just doesn't go in any section, no matter how hard you try. We're already at a long-fought place of compromise on that, though I suspect there will always be those who are never satisfied.

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FA icon.png There are some of us who seem to be able to find things which don't seem to fall under one of the headers. But like it or not, we've just gotta try cram them in...

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