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KrytenKoro - "That's when we bumped into Hannity. Sean Hannity. See the thing about this dude is, at first he's fair, right? And you're like "Wow!" But then BOOM. The dude's balanced, too. And you're like, HOLY SHIT."
Story sections are meant to give a summary of the character's plotline. They should be in-universe, and honestly, should be a more-professional and complete version of what Jiminy writes within the games. This is wrong - it mentions "shown in the end credits". It should instead say something like "After Vanitas and Master Xehanort are defeated, X", or something to that effect. This is very wrong - it mentions gameplay mechanics, and has separate headers within one of the sections.

It honestly sounds crappy to have the header saying "Kingdom Hearts II", and then posting "In Kingdom Hearts II, Y". It's bad writing, and bad organization.

Gargoyle, so far, is the only story section I've found where the synopsis is done properly.