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So I picked up Dream Drop Distance again. I'm about half way through the game and there are some things that are confusing me. I know Sora is supposed to be asleep half the time and Riku is in his dreams but that raises many questions for me that neither the game nor other forum boards answer.

1. Are we in the "real" world while playing Sora or is Riku pulling an inception?

2. If Sora is in the real world and Riku is supposedly in Sora's dreams, why does Riku's actions seem to affect the real world? In La Cité des Cloches Riku fights the Wargoyle and ends up breaking its wings off. When Sora gets to the Cathedral the Wargoyle falls from the sky without its wings. How can Riku do this?

3. How is Sora accomplishing anything? I ask this because Sora just seems to be there and the characters he meets only show up briefly. While Riku this time around goes along with the plots of the films and ends up making an impression on the world. From what I've seen the Disney characters really only learn from Riku's interactions where if Sora was not in the game, things feel like they would play out like the actual film without much complication because the dream eaters don't really seem to be a threat to the movie characters in a lot of instances.

I'm really hoping there is an actual explanation for these things because I'm not a cynic and rather not just call the game's story dumb and leave it at that.

Ah, one of the single most complex video game stories I have ever encountered. So deep, so elaborate, so completely perfect for my tastes. Alright, let's begin.
1. I don't know what you mean by "an inception", but I can confirm we are in the Realm of Sleep. Riku is inside Sora's dreams, which is why you play as Riku when Sora falls asleep. Sora is venturing through the dreams of the worlds, Riku is venturing through Sora's dreams of the worlds' dreams.
2. Neither of their actions affect the real world. The worlds they visit are in the Realm of Sleep, dreaming of events that have already transpired. Prankster's Paradise, for example, in Riku's Side is dreaming of when Riku kidnapped Pinocchio. The other Riku is one that the world made to replace him for the dream, as Yen Sid said previously. If and when Sora and/or Riku visit these worlds again, no one will remember them, as their actions happened in a recurring dream that the worlds were having.
3. Nomura stated in a recent KHIII interview that due to contractual issues he had to lower the interaction between the worlds' Disney characters and the KH character visiting the world. Not just KH3D, but KHII and KHBBS as well. Another, deeper, reason is that KH3D is Riku's game, not Sora's. This is Riku's journey, to finish his character arc. Sora's a casual and laidback guy. For him, he's just taking a test that he doesn't really care if he passes or not.
Whether or not the game's story is "dumb" is subjective to one's own tastes and opinions. I am more than capable of enjoying a flat and simple story, but I truly LOVE stories that are confoundingly deep and complex. In the end, just take a moment to calm yourself and say what you feel about the game. If you find you don't really like it, then that's fine. It doesn't make you a cynic, just means the game isn't a good match for you. Rex Ronald Rilander (talk) 16:10, 12 September 2017 (UTC)