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Okay, the noboby's name is made by mixing up the letters and adding a 'X' but what if there is already a 'X' in someone's name?

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Oh, that rule doesn't apply to all nobodies. It only applies to those in the Organization. Xemnas(or Xigbar or Xaldin) would never recruit anyone with X already in their name. I mean, if they found a nobody that can like manipulate worlds in an instant, but had an X in their name, they wouldn't let him in cause Xemnas/Xigbar/Xaldin would be too busy/lazy/uncaring to make up a new rule for people with an X in their names. XienZo 01:35, 17 April 2008 (UTC)

What would your name be then? Zexixon? Talking to Xienzo. - SleepingDragon7

He makes perfect sense. For instance, in the case of Axel, the only logical name that i can think of is alex. Other choices could be: Ale, Ael, Ela, Eal, Lea, or Lae but unless one of those are Japanese, Alex sounds right. SO if there is an 'X' already in someone's name i guess they would just move it around Ryn

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Yeah, that does make sense...

Axel is named for a character who's favorite drink was ale (RENO from FFVII)BTW, how do I get a cool avatar?NobodiewithaHeart 07:11, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

Whoa....the funny thing is that makes perfect sense. With their similarities in appearances...but were did you get that info? is that just your take on it or did you get that from somewhere? Ryn

Of course it makes perfect sense I am perfect!/end arrogance, it's kinda commonly known that axle is based off Reno, and I knew that, but I also saw somone else here say it. It's on the axle talk page.

What if the naming rule only applies to those who willingly gave up their hearts... All confirmed names of "others" were people who (presumably) gave forsook their hearts. But for those that didn't? Xion is my point here. If she truly is a nobody of Kairi, why is her "other's" name Ion/Nio/Oni/Noi/Ino/Oin/all of the above?

Summon:WALL•E 03:32, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Well if they don't allow people in Organization XII, then how would you explain Xehanort? I think if they allow people with X in their name in Org. XII, that they use a different name, like how Xemnas used Ansem's name instead of Xehanort. -Xemnasmustdie