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Naminé - You came for me....
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Hello, contributors to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. As you all should know, my name is Naminé, the Nobody of Kairi. As you have seen in my sketchpad, I am an artist. I may be young, but I have talent nonetheless. To celebrate the end of the year here on the Kindgom Hearts Wiki, I was contacted by a certain DoorToNothing and Yer mom, on behalf of the Staff and Community here. It seems that I have been asked to hold a fan-art contest, and I happily obliged. Now, here are the rules for the contest:
  • Competitors may not submit more than two images to me. There will be no limit on the amount of fan-art that I take.
  • Images only may be submitted; I will take no music, video, or other form of art.
  • PhotoShop and/or the use of computer-generated/pre-made images are not allowed. Images may also not be enhanced through these programs.
  • Images are to be themed around 2010, as that is the whole point of my contest. Redundant fan-art, no matter how good, I will have to turn away.

Those wishing to compete are able to begin uploading their images to me now, and the deadline for submissions is December 15th. Images are to be uploaded to this Wiki's PhotoBucket account, and to KHWiki:Naminé's Drawoff from there. Simply link the picture onto that page, and you'll be entered. Also, please do title you work, and give your Username so that you get credit for your art!

Then, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki Community will have one week to vote on the best image, and voting will close on December 22nd. At this time, the winning image shall be posted on the main page of this Wiki.

I hope to see many, many images from the artists here on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. Get started, and be ready to vote on December 15th. For questions, instructions on how to access the Kingdom Hearts Wiki's PhotoBucket account, or anything else relating to my fan-art contest, please contact DoorToNothing or Yer mom.