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Orichalcum+ KHII.pngSeriously, it's friggin' low. I know we have no new titles to work on (that bloody KH3D didn't even show up at E3). But we have to work on something, or else this wiki's gonna be dead. And if the wiki's dead, our Google rank will sunk which will make the wiki even

Now as Pea suggested, I propose we rebuild some articles. Pea suggests rebuilding the Status effect article. And I suggest we work on "magic as element", like how a fire element can cause burn status etc. I remember someone had already made a draft but is never used and is (probably) left to dust.

Other than these two, you guys can also put up suggestions on which article we should clean up or maybe even thoughts about new articles.

Discuss, please. For great justice.

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I still think we should start making walkthroughs. When the cleanup of the month was TNE's walkthrough, activity exploded, so I figure that having official wiki walkthroughs for each game would jump start activity. Without activity, the wiki will have no chance to survive, and must make its time.

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Oh right the walkthroughs, yeah we should start making the articles and maybe even put up announcement so people would participate. And yes, even in our current position we barely have any new users, if we sunk even deeper no one would notice this wiki anymore.

I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE PAYING ATTENTION. If you want to start doing the other ones, or even filling out the missing parts, feel free to do so.

Status Effects is indeed in need of a full rebuild. Currently that's being planned. Feel free to keep working on the page, but keep in mind that we have no idea what's actually going to be kept from what's there.

If you start writing walkthroughs, MAKE SURE TO KEEP IT IN YOUR USERSPACE, as I believe we still have not finalized our plan for posting to the actual Walkthrough namespace.

Also: Forum:One More Forum. Once it's up and running, I'm hoping that will kick up activity. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:14, 28 August 2011 (UTC)