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Bud0011 - "Hey, it's just like that old goat says: Rule#11: It's all just a game"
TALK - Bud0011 (talk) 22:05, 13 December 2020 (UTC)
Hello everyone!

For those who aren't on Discord, we announced yesterday that SEIWA's internal project of Final Fantasy Wiki has formally passed requirements to join SEIWA itself as a full member.
Porple has updated the SEIWA Box, and the Interwiki table.

If people could help build connections between the wikis, and/or come over to edit, it would be apricated.

Thank you for your time, Bud0011.

I personally feel really bad for Kingdom Hearts Wiki for losing their long-time affiliate FF Fandom. I'm the reason for the independent wiki existing as I pushed for it to be made & have made just over 250 articles within the course of almost a year (been a slow and depressing year for all of us, so I've had the speed of a snail). So technically, if it weren't for me, Kingdom Hearts Wiki might still have been friends with the Fandom wiki. I have gripes with virtually every Fandom wiki, but I didn't want to engage in any wiki affairs.

From the start I wanted Final Fantasy Wiki (independent) to be a cross between Mario Wiki and Kingdom Hearts Wiki styles (and also some Dragon Quest Wiki, Bulbapedia, and Lylat Wiki thrown in the mix). Back to old-school 2000s conservative wikis.

The independent wiki is not, and I repeat NOT, a ripoff of the Fandom wiki. If there's any similarities, it's purely by coincidence. I have borrowed from this website a bit for some template/help page design. KeybladeSpyMaster was fine with it & has been helping with set up. I designed the wiki logos, which alternate just as the ones on this website do.

Here are some highlight pages I've made:

There are also a few exclusive pages that the Fandom wiki does not yet have (as of the time of me typing this). Examples:

Limp Bizkit (talk) 22:32, 13 December 2020 (UTC)