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Billy ZaneEdit

Out of curiosity, I heard Billy Zane refused to return as Ansem in Kingdom Hearts 2. Does anyone know why?

Likely too busy. XienZo 05:10, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

About His NameEdit

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I'm just blue-skying here but I don't think Xehanort's Heartless is his correct name. Let's think about this for the first 2 games and most of the third it'd pretty much accurate that his name is Ansem, regardless of whether or not that was his original name. Let's think about it: Xigbar is really Braig's Nobody, DiZ is really Ansem the Wise's Disguise and Xemnas is really Xehanort's Nobody. Are any of them called that? No. Same basic concept.
  Well, they had to call him Xehanort's Heartless to distinguish him from Ansem the Wise, didn't they ? Let's just leave it be.

There are some things even the stars cannot tell me. TroisNyxÉtienne — 02:59, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

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Well I'm pretty sure me and most others can easily distinguish judging by what context we use it in (i.e. Ansem was the main villain in the first game) and also by adding "the Wise" to the end of the good Ansem's name.
  Remember the Japanese-speakers. Ansem's name is in katakana. Kenja = the wise, is in kanji. If they were to make a remark about the "wise" Xehanort's Heartless, they'd end up using the same thing. And the same change was brought about in other versions. I personally have no problem with Sans-cœur de Xehanort (Xehanort's Heartless) rather than having to call him Ansem again... see ?

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Xehanort is an Emblem HeartlessEdit

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  When I got into one of my random KH-thinking moods, I developed a theory (not really a theory, per se, but...) as to what type of Heartless "Ansem" is (this would include the World of Chaos). How he would qualify as an Emblem Heartless is below :
  • A Pureblood Heartless is strictly derrived from the heart when corroded by the dark. This would be a Shadow or other lesser Heartless. Ansem (as Xehanort) along with the other apprentices experimented on themselves so they'd lose their hearts on purpose to further their research. Since Emblem heartless are manufactured, and Xehanort and the apprentices made themselves into Heartless on purpose, it is safe to say that Xehanort's Heartless is close enough to Emblem. He even wears the Emblem on his chest and uses it as a shield in the World of Chaos (whether this is clothing or not is unknown, but it seems more likely that it IS a part of him)

While Xehanort's Heartless could technically count as Pureblood as he is an entity of pure darkness, his creation wasn't "natural", same again w/ the Emblem Heartless. I suppose one could assume he was both in a way, as he is the Heartless Commander (w/ Maleficent right after) and the source of all Heartless to begin with (while this technically starts w/ Ansem the Wise), but it seems very unprofessional to put "Other" in his Heartless type.

This also opens to arguement the Guardian, which could be Xehanort's "Pureblood" half, as it possesses no emblem, but I find it to be a mere embodiment of Ansem's darkness (basically an evil Reflega spell, meaning its a part of him and a power he has that he just controls). It is safer to say that the Guardian is NOT a Heartless (or else we'd encounter a lot more of them), and sense it could be Ansem's only tie to a Pureblood, that he is, when one thinks about it, truly an Emblem Heartless

I was thinking the other day that maybe he could be both pureblood and emblem. As he became obsessed with his research his heart began to become corrupt natruly, what if the exact momment when he would have turned into a pureblood heartless natruly, is the very same moment he turned on his macheine, this would mean that his heartless was made with "natrule, and artifical flavors." the gaurdian wich is only half compleat was the pureblood component but his body was the emblem--Foutlet 23:16, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

Resemblance (Spoilers)Edit

Correct me if I am way off, but I thought BBS implied the reason Xehanort's Heartless looked like basicly a younger Master Xehanort was because he is made up of Master Xehanort's heart. Of course, I am a bit confused, mostly by the secret ending, so that is why I decided to take it here first. Also, sorry for the spoilers.--Otherarrow 18:50, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

For the most part, yes. When Terra visits the Destiny Islands and briefly sees Master Xehanort's young form in Riku, it is supposed to be the implication.-Xabrin