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Well, hello to everyone. I am Victor Genesis, a not very active member, but I have decided to come back. I am going to tell you a story I made up. It is a theory about what would have happened if Roxas had managed to defeat Riku in the Memory Skycrapper. Tell me what do you think! Here it goes:

"As Riku liberated his most lethal weapon, the own darkness he contained, Roxas, weakened, saw this as his only chance to finish Riku off. He then charged against him and Riku fell, badly wounded. Roxas did not finished him off, however, as he didn't saw a reason to end with his life, and walked away, as Riku succumbed more and more to his darkness."

"He then charged against all the organization members, destroying them one by one: He killed Demyx by grabbing one of his water creatures and launched it at him, killing him with his own weapon, he disarmed Xaldin of his lances as the battle passed, until he was defenless and, subsequently, finished off by Roxas, leaving his corpse there as it banished, he blocked one of Xigbar shot, which came directly to his head and kill him, ironically, by a shot in the head, and with the own weapon of the sniper, he ended with Luxord by destroying all his cards and then cutting him by half, and he ended with Saix by throwing his own weapon to him, ending the battle they had 3 days ago. He only left Axel alive, as he hadn´t got the heart to kill his best friend, and left him without both of them having suffered great damage."

"He was going to finally reach his target: to destroy Xemnas and free Kingdom Hearts...and Xion would return once again. However, as he aproached to Xemnas, a heavily mutated riku, now fully corrupted by the darkness, attacked him, now having been converted into a savage beast. In fact, Roxas could not handle with him, and thr Dark Riku aproached to kill him when he was lying on the floor. However, Axel appeared, and contained the beast long enough for Roxas to reach Xemnas. Then both would battle, and Axel would ultimately sacrifice himself to save his friend from the Dark Beast."

"Roxas, now fully angered and full of hatred, finally reached Xemnas, who said that everything that he would try was unuseful, that he was much more powerful than him and that the sacrifices of their didn´t had any sense, as he hadn´t had "any value, and you yourself are the responsible for everything that has happened to your friend". Roxas attacked him angerly, and in an incredible outburst of rage, Roxas cut both of his hands, leaving him unable to use any more his ethereal blades, and passed through him with his keyblades, killing him, and thus having finally ending with the XIII organization. He then proceded to free Kingdom Hearts, and suddenly found himself in a strange, sinister awakening."

"Suddenly, Kingdom hearts, in the form of a hooded person, appeared. He then proceded to show Roxas what he had changed with his decision, and told him that he had altered the timeline completely, as none of the worlds was ever freed, two people who had much to do in the future had died, one before of time. He also showed him Sora, who would not never awaken, as Roxas had disapeared because of him having changed a already determinded fate, erasing him from existance forever, and thus ending with the keyblade wielder who had much to do for all the worlds. Also, because of Maleficient being still alive, the heartless had already consumped and destroyed the worlds. Horrorized at what he had done, he then asked for one wish: to return just in the moment before battling Riku, and letting himself to be defeated again." He then told him that "no matter what happens to you, you will always be still alive". He then banished him, and transported him moments prior before his defeat at Riku's hands, thus bringing the worlds in order once again"

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