Woody Pride

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Woody Pride

Woody Pride KHIII.png

Katakana ウッディ・プライド Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Uddi Puraido
Homeworld Toy Box
Origin Toy Story
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Woody Pride

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Toy Story (1995)
A cowboy "action figure" who leads his fellow toys bravely.
"If that guy had something to do with our friends vanishing, then he's our problem too."
—Woody, deciding to help Sora

Woody Pride is a toy based on a sheriff from Toy Box who is a party member in Kingdom Hearts III. He originated in the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story.


Unfinished Woody Pride model from Kingdom Hearts II

The proposal folder shown to Buena Vista included plans for a world based on Toy Story in the original Kingdom Hearts. For Kingdom Hearts II a model of Buzz Lightyear and Woody Pride were created for a similar purpose but according to the series' director Tetsuya Nomura, there was never a chance to present them to Disney so the idea was scrapped.[1] Both the world and the characters finally made their appearance in Kingdom Hearts III as party members in Toy Box.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]


Woody is a thin ragdoll-style toy with a plastic head, hands, and boots. He has pale skin, brown eyes, and brown hair, over which he wears a brown plastic cowboy hat. He wears a red-patterned yellow shirt with folded cuffs and silver buttons under a black and white cow-skin vest on which his sheriff badge is pinned. He wears dark blue denim pants with a brown belt and gun holster buckled with an ovular tan buckle, and brown boots with tan spurs. There is a red bandanna tied around his neck, and a white ring on his back, attached a pull string. His arms and legs are stitched flat to give him elbows and knees. The word "ANDY" with a backwards "N" is written on the bottom of his right boot in black magic marker.[citation needed]



Kingdom Hearts III[edit]


Woody first appeared in 1995, in Pixar's first feature film Toy Story in 1995, voiced by Tom Hanks, and has since appeared in its sequels, as well as several television specials and shorts. Outside of the films, he is voiced by Tom Hanks's brother Jim Hanks.

In the 1995 film, Woody is the beloved favorite toy of a boy named Andy. When Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday and begins to spend more time with it than with Woody, Woody becomes jealous and fears he has been replaced by the space ranger toy. He attempts to hide Buzz from Andy, and in the process, he gets them both lost and in the possession of Sid, the toy-torturer who lives next door. In Sid's house, Woody finally admits his insecurities to Buzz and a friendship forms between them. They team up to escape Sid's house and manage to make it back to Andy before he leaves them behind in moving to a new house.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. Multiplayer.it Interviewer: "Toy Story finally arrived in Kingdom Hearts III, but elements related to the film of Pixar were already founded in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II code. Can you tell us why they weren’t inserted in those games, in the end?" / Tetsuya Nomura: "I always wanted Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts, and I already hoped to insert a world based on it in the first chapter. For this reason, I asked our staff to create something related to Toy Story, in case we were able to get the OK from the Disney. Sadly, no possibility were given to us and so the idea never entered in the development stage." Translation provided by Yoshirai@KH13.com
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