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Weapons of Organization XIII

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Organization XIII's Weapons (Art).png

Almost all of Organization XIII's weapons that are listed below appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The weapons featured in Kingdom Hearts II are noted as such. Each member has a different type of weapon, and their names usually follow a relevant theme. The weapons are usually summoned in a flurry of the member's signature element.

List of weapons[edit]

Xemnas's Ethereal Blades[edit]

Xemnas wielding his signature Ethereal Blades, the Interdiction.

Xemnas uses "Ethereal Blades" (エアリアルブレード Eariaru Burēdo?, lit. "Aerial Blade"), and his signature Ethereal Blade is the "Interdiction". Ethereal Blades are beams of solidified Nothingness which act according to Xemnas's will, allowing him to hold them without a hilt or handle. He can summon or dismiss them at will, and uses them primarily as bludgeoning weapons. The Ethereal Blades can also be used as projectiles and can suspend themselves in midair around a target before falling in on them. Xemnas's joke weapon is Round Fan. As a desperation move, Xemnas can surround his enemy in darkness and fire an amazing amount of Ethereal Blades at once. Young Xehanort wields weapons very similar to Ethereal Blades.

The Ethereal Blades are named after negative emotions, or terms related to authority.

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Xemnas (Armored Controller)[edit]

Xemnas, in his Keyblade Armor, wielding his sword.

While clad in his Keyblade Armor, Xemnas is able to use the main weapons used by Xigbar, Xaldin, Saïx, Axel, Demyx, and Luxord, as well as a unique sword.

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Xigbar's Arrowguns[edit]

Xigbar wielding his signature Arrowguns, the Sharpshooter.

As the Nobody of Braig, Xigbar uses ranged weapons known as Arrowguns, a peculiar type of laser gun with traits similar to crossbows and handguns. His signature arrowguns are known as Sharpshooter, similar to his title of "Freeshooter". Many of his weapons' names are based on demonic names and ranged weapon terminology, and several are named after enemies from the Final Fantasy series. Unlike other characters, his attacks have a much longer range and a slight homing ability. However, his attacks are limited by a number next to the "Attack" command. Once the number runs out, Xigbar must then reload, leaving him open for almost two seconds. Xigbar's joke weapons are Dryer and Trumpet, both still retaining the ammo limit and reload features of Xigbar's other weapons. If equipped with the Zero Gear, Xigbar can wield his Sharpshooter Arrowguns from Kingdom Hearts II. Xigbar is able to combine his Arrowguns into a single sniper rifle, regardless of what model he is using.

Sora's Shooting Star Keyblade can Formchange into Double Arrowguns.

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Xaldin's Lances[edit]

Xaldin wielding his signature Lances, the Lindworm.

Lances are Xaldin's primary weapons, resembling Dilan's weapon of choice. They, along with Xaldin's attacks and Dragoon Lesser Nobodies, are a reference to Dragoon Job Class in the Final Fantasy series. The names of Xaldin's Lances are mostly named after terms relating to the sky, air, or wind, and several have names based on constellations. His signature lances are called the Lindworm. Xaldin usually only holds up to three at a time, and the rest float around him in the wind Xaldin commands.

Xaldin can use them to thrust from long distances, twirl them around himself as a form of defense, jump down on a foe with all six pointed downward, or have them grow and fuse into an enormous dragon that he rides on before firing a whirlwind from the dragon's mouth.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Xaldin can wield six Lances in battle, although only two are present outside of a combo. Due to the length of the Lances, Xaldin's melee attacks have the longest range, barely beating Marluxia's Scythe. Xaldin's joke weapons are the Broom and Wyvern. Xaldin blocks attacks by lining all six lances in front of him, forming a sort of wall. Equipping Xaldin with the Zero Gear allows him to use the Lindworm, the only set of Lances he wields in Kingdom Hearts II.

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Vexen's Shield[edit]

Vexen wielding his signature Shield, the Frozen Pride.

Vexen, like Goofy, carries a Shield as a weapon, and his signature weapon is a pointed blue and silver shield named Frozen Pride. His shields tend to take the name of a glacial period or of a scientific description or term. He has been seen to have high defensive and offensive skills when wielding his Shield. His Shield, Frozen Pride, has even been shown to have a health bar of its own in the data battle in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. His joke weapons are the Pot Lid and Snowman. He can equip Frozen Pride with the Zero Gear.

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Lexaeus's Axe Sword[edit]

Lexaeus wielding his signature Axe Sword, the Skysplitter.

Lexaeus uses weapons called Axe Swords, which possess traits of axes, swords, and hammers. Many of his weapons have names referencing poetry, types of trees, minerals, and various other references to nature. His joke weapons are the Bleep Bloop Bop, a simple cartoonish hammer, and the Monolith, a weapon resembling one of the Moai statues on Easter Island, Chile. Lexaeus can wield his main weapon, the Skysplitter, by equipping the Zero Gear.

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Zexion's Lexicon[edit]

Zexion wielding his signature Lexicon, the Book of Retribution.

Zexion's weapons revolve around books and written composition terms, with the addition of some type of dark or foreboding adjective. His personal weapon is a Lexicon or a Greek dictionary named Book of Retribution and can be used with the Zero Gear. When he is played in Mission Mode, he attacks by smashing opponents with his book. His Lexicon has the ability to summon meteors when using his Limit Break and mimic others' attacks as a boss. His "joke weapons" are called Dear Diary and Midnight Snack. Midnight Snack is a sandwich that opens up, and Dear Diary is a white laptop that carries the Nobody symbol.

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Saïx's Claymore[edit]

Saïx wielding his signature Claymore, the Lunatic.

Saïx uses large weapons called Claymores that change form in some way when his Limit Break is activated. Most of his weapon names have something to do with the moon or the night. Saïx and his weapons have the highest critical rates and damage of all the Mission Mode characters. His joke weapons are Just Desserts, which is an oversized banana, and Bunnymoon, which has a bunny head appear when the Limit Break is activated. Saïx can use his main weapon, the Lunatic, by equipping the Zero Gear. When he enters his berserk state, Saïx's claymores all "open" in some fashion, becoming wider and gaining some sort of supplementary blade.

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Axel's Chakrams[edit]

Axel wielding his signature Chakrams, the Eternal Flames.

Axel uses Chakrams, which are circular bladed weapons, resembling Lea's flying disks. Most of the names of Axel's Chakrams are themed after heat or fire. His main weapon in the Kingdom Hearts series is a pair of Chakrams collectively named "Eternal Flames", which can be equipped with the Zero Gear. His joke weapons are the Pizza Cut, which is a pair of pizzas with a single slice cut out of them, and the Conformers, which are large shuriken. Axel has a habit of twirling his Chakrams in his hands while idle.

As Lea, he replaces his Chakrams with the Bond of the Blaze Keyblade, which can Formchange into the Eternal Flames.

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Demyx's Sitar[edit]

Demyx wielding his signature Sitar, the Arpeggio.

Demyx wields a Sitar, an instrument used predominantly in the Indian subcontinent. Most of his Sitars are named after musical or rock and roll terms. His main weapon in the series is Arpeggio, which can be equipped with the Zero Gear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. His weapon when the Mystery Gear panel is equipped is After School, a broom, and when the Casual Gear panel is equipped, it is a giant tennis racket named Prince of Awesome.

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Luxord's Cards[edit]

Luxord wielding his signature Cards, the Fair Game.

Luxord uses Cards as his weapon of choice. All of his weapons are named after tarot cards, with the exception of his joke weapons, The Joker, and Fair Game, the latter being his main weapon from Kingdom Hearts II. His joke weapons are Finest Fantasy 13, which take the appearance of compact discs, and High Roller's Secret, which are four-leaf clovers. Luxord's cards can vary greatly in size, from the size of normal playing cards to almost twice Sora's height.

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Marluxia's Scythe[edit]

Marluxia wielding his signature Scythe, the Graceful Dahlia.

Marluxia specializes in the use of the Scythe, which make his attack combos slow, but powerful. His attacks have the longest reach of any melee character except Xaldin. All of his weapons are named after flowers, with the exception of the Stirring Ladle, one of his joke weapons, and all of his weapons have adjectives in their name. Marluxia summons his scythe in a flurry of pink flower petals. His main weapon is the Graceful Dahlia, which can be equipped with the Zero Gear. His joke weapons are the Stirring Ladle and Dainty Bellflowers.

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Larxene's Knives[edit]

Larxene wielding her signature Knives, the Foudre.

Larxene uses Knives to fight. All of her weapons have French names relating to storms and heavenly bodies. Her main weapons are Foudre, equippable with the Zero Gear. Her joke weapons are Demoiselle, which are dragonflies, and Ampoule, which are lightbulbs.

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Roxas and Xion's Keyblades[edit]

Roxas and Xion wielding their basic Keyblades, the Kingdom Key.

Roxas's and Xion's weapons are Keyblades. The names of the weapons are mostly associated with the pain of parting, loneliness, or light phenomena. Their joke weapons are the Umbrella and Aubade, and their fighting styles are similar to Sora's in previous games. The Zero Gear allows them to use a more powerful version of the Kingdom Key; however, Roxas can dual-wield Oathkeeper and Oblivion in Mission Mode when using the Zero Gear with three Ability Units. Roxas and Xion can wield Oathkeeper and Two Become One when equipping the Zero Gear with one and two Ability Units, respectively.

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Xion (Final Form)[edit]

Xion in her final form.

In her boss battle, Xion uses four different weapons, one for each phase. In her first phase, she uses a huge, orange and red, intricately-shaped sword. In her second phase, she draws a large, pincer-like weapon vaguely resembling one of the Chimera's arms. In her third phase, she sports four huge arms, decorated with elegant, gold, purple and red design, and large scimitar-like blades in place of hands, resembling Kurt Zisa's arms. In her final form, she uses two pink and silver Keyblade-like weapons shaped like the Nobody symbol.

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