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Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Like Blank Points and Signs of What's Next, it uses game-engine graphics and voice acting and ends with the phrase "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts". In order to unlock the ending, the player during the ending credits, must collect letters to spell out "SECRET MESSAGE UNLOCKED".


The past will be reawakened as a new number

In never-before-seen detail

Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number

The darkness awakens

A young Master Xehanort is standing on the beach of Destiny Islands, stating that this world is too small.

The light in the darkness

Aqua, still in the Dark Margin, stares out into the sea.

Leads to the last key

At the Mysterious Tower, Donald and Goofy are sitting outside on the steps. Goofy wonder why Sora is late, stating that Lea has returned to the Radiant Garden, and where Riku is, the duo then see Riku, and is surprised with who he brought with him. Inside the tower, King Mickey and Yen Sid are in conversation, where Yen Sid tells Mickey, following the Keyblade War, the "true" Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by darkness. How Master Xehanort wants to recreate the χ-blade, by going after the 7 Princesses of Heart, to restart the Keyblade War, Mickey asked if there anything they can do to prevent this, Yen Sid tells him that 7 lights must opposed the 13 darkness to protect the 7 hearts of pure light, Mickey realized that they need one for person to help them with this. Riku then enter the room, Mickey welcome him back, Riku tells Yen Sid he brought the person Yen Sid asked for and wonders why he chose this person, Mickey is shocked with who Yen Sid had in mind. Yen Sid tells them that he requested this person, because he heard the person had the abilities to wield a Keyblade. The camera pans up to show Kairi.

Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts


  • Sora and Lea are mention, but they don't appear.


"Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts"