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{{nihongo|'''Fira'''|ファイラ|Faira}} [[magic]] is a spell that appear in ''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]'', and ''[[Kingdom Hearts coded]]''. Fira utilize the [[User:UnknownChaser/Fire (element)|fire element]] and is associated with the [[Blazing]] material.

It is the advanced form of [[User:UnknownChaser/Fire|Fire]] and can be upgraded into [[User:UnknownChaser/Firaga|Firaga]].
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===''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts'', using Fira magic will make Sora shoot a fireball straight forward from the tip of his Keyblade at the cost of one Charge Gauge unit. The fireball has slight homing properties, meaning it can arc in any direction. The arc is rather large, however, making the spell's usefulness somewhat limited at a distance. In this game, Fira spells performed by Sora and Donald can only damage one enemy per use.

===''[[Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories]]''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories'', the Fira is a Magic [[Sleight]]s. Using Fira causes Sora shoot a fireball straight forward from the tip of his Keyblade.

===''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]''===
[[File:Fire KHII.png|thumb|right|In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', the Fira spell is a surrounding attack rather than a projectile.]]
In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', the Fira spell acts as a shield that forms around Sora and damages any enemies that come into contact with it. It act as both a defensive and offensive spell.

===''[[Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]]''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days'', Fira magic is usable again in the form of a panel. Fira shoots a homing ball of fire that deals damage to enemies on contact.

===''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep'', Fira is a Basic [[magic command (KHBBS)|magic command]] that takes up one slot, has a maximum level of 3, a normal reload time of 10 seconds, and fills the Command Gauge by 30%. The user shoot a fireball straight from the tip of his or her [[Keyblade]].

===''[[Kingdom Hearts coded]]''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts coded'', the use of the Fira spell is permitted once the appropriate [[Hero's License]] is obtained in [[Olympus Coliseum]].

===''[[Kingdom Hearts Re:coded]]''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts Re:coded'', Fira is a magic command that cost 15% of memory and has a normal reload time of 15 seconds. When used by [[Data-Sora]] it launches a homing-fireball to the target.

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==Learning Fira==
===''Kingdom Hearts''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts'', Sora can learn Fira after defeating [[Genie Jafar]]. The damage dealt by Fira is equal the user Max MP + 24.

===''Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories'', Sora can use Fira by stocking two Fire card.

===''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days'', Roxas is granted Fira after completing [[Mission 43: Eliminate the giant Heartless|Mission 43]] in [[Beast's Castle]].

===''Kingdom Hearts II''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', Sora is granted Fira after defeating [[Scar]] in [[Pride Lands]].

===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
*Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can create Fira through [[Command Meld]]ing.
*Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can purchase Fira from the [[Command Shop]] for 500 munny once five worlds are cleared or the command has already been obtained elsewhere.
*Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can obtain Fira as an [[#Drop|enemy drop]].
*Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can find Fira as a bonus on the normal [[Hunny Pot Board]].
*Terra can find Fira in a chest at the [[Radiant Garden#Outer Gardens|Outer Gardens]].
*Ventus can find Fira in a chest at the [[Radiant Garden#Aqueduct|Aqueduct]].
*Aqua can find Fira in a chest at the [[Disney Town#Raceway|Raceway]]. 
*The [[Game:Maleficent (D-Link)|Maleficent D-Link]] has Fira in its Lv.1 and Lv.2 Command Deck.

===''Kingdom Hearts coded''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts coded'', Data-Sora learn Fira from the '''Fire License''' in Olympus Coliseum.

===''Kingdom Hearts Re:coded''===

===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
*[[Red Hot Chili]]: (25%)<ref name="Chili">The Red Hot Chili drops a Fira 25% of the time if the hero has a shop level of 5 or 6.</ref>

===''Kingdom Hearts Re:coded''===

===''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days''===
Fira can be synthesized for 1000 munny once Roxas is promoted to Novice rank.
*1 [[Fira Recipe]]
*1 Fire
*2 [[Blazing Gem]]

===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
Fira is an Basic-class Magic Command that can be melded through four different recipes, listed in the [[Magic Recipe]].
*The first recipe can be melded by Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and is a {{meldtype|A}} recipe.
**Fire (LV2) + Fire (LV2)
*The second recipe can be melded by Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and is a {{meldtype|C}} recipe.
**Fire (LV2) + [[Ignite]] (LV2)
*The third recipe can be melded by Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and is a {{meldtype|D}} recipe.
**Fire (LV2) + [[Fire Strike]] (LV2)
*The fourth recipe can be melded by Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and is a {{meldtype|D}} recipe.
**Fire (LV2) + [[Fire Dash]] (LV2)

===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep'', Fira can be used to melds in the fallowing commands:
*[[Fission Firaga]]
*[[Firaga Burst]]<ref name="Aqua">Can only be melds by Aqua</ref>
*[[Fire Surge]]
*[[Fire Strike]]
*[[Fire Dash]]
*[[Mine Shield]]<ref name="TV">Can only be melds by Terra and Ventus</ref>
*[[Mine Square]]<ref name="Aqua"/>
*[[Raging Storm]]<ref name="Aqua"/>
*[[Triple Firaga]]<ref name="Aqua"/>
*[[Ignite (Command)|Ignite]]<ref name="Aqua"/>

===''Kingdom Hearts Re:coded''===
In ''Kingdom Hearts Re:coded'', Fira can be converted into the fallowing commands:

'''[[finalfantasy:Fira|Fira]]''', also known as '''Fire 2''', is the level two Fire-elemental spell in the ''[[finalfantasy:Final Fantasy (Series)|Final Fantasy]]'' series. Before the release of ''[[finalfantasy:Final Fantasy VIII|Final Fantasy VIII]]'', it was translated as '''Fire 2'''. In the ''[[finalfantasy:Finest Fantasy for Advance|Finest Fantasy for Advance]]'' series, this is updated. Certain enemies, mainly Fire-elemental ones, will be healed by the spell. 

==Notes and References==