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Hello! Welcome to my review page! In here, I will make reviews on games (and possibly, movies) that I have played (or watched). I do these reviews for my own fun. Enjoy!

In my reviews, I will give a score for a game judging by these criteria:

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Music

Note: The reviews are purely my own opinion and negative reviews are not to be taken as offensive. Copyrights and credits goes to respective game's developers.

Kingdom Hearts II

Platform: PlayStation 2
Developers: Square Enix, Disney Interactive
Rating:E10+ by ESRB
Score: 4.5/5


Kingdom Hearts II took place after Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories (and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days which release is after Kingdom Hearts II). So once again we embark on a journey as the young boy who was chosen by the mysterious weapon, the Keyblade, to fight the forces of evil that threatens various worlds. Sora woke up in a strange mansion on a town with sunset skies, he then rejoices as he reunites with his two three friends, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy. Jiminy later discovers his journal empty with only one, strange, message: "Thank Naminé". After the party goes to other worlds, they discovered a whole new adversary, and this time, not only one. Sora discovers that there are a group of men wearing black cloaks, calling themselves "Organization XIII".


Score: 4/5
Kingdom Hearts II brings some new innovative systems to the game, including Reaction Commands, and Drive Forms. These new systems, which are very awesome, also make the game fairly easy to beat. And that's the main problem with this game, the difficulty of the game is set too low. Heck, I even beat the game on Proud Mode using only the Kingdom Key, I won't be surprised if someone actually manage to beat the game using Sweet Memories. Besides the difficulty, the gameplay overall is very addicting and fun to play.


Score: 5/5
The graphics for Kingdom Hearts II is absolutely great, starting from the worlds designs to characters designs. Sora and the other's movements seems natural, and the facial expressions are great. Battle effects are also great, Sora moves so quickly during the battle and not a single lag can be found.


Score: 5/5
Yoko Shimomura done it again folks! The musics are really well done and fits the environment of the worlds. And battle themes for Organization XIII are just pure gold, with "Darkness of the Unknown" topping the list.