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Shield (weapon)

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This article is about Goofy's shields. For other uses, see Shield (disambiguation).

Shields are Goofy's weapon of choice in the Kingdom Hearts series. Goofy is the captain of the Royal Knights at Disney Castle, but he dislikes violence so he uses a shield as a weapon. There are many shields that Goofy can use throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. There are three different types of shields "Attacking", "Mixed", and "Defensive":

  • Shields for attacking are smaller, have a faster attack speed and do greater damage. Example: Gigas Fist.
  • Defensive shields have higher power upgrades, and are larger. Example: Chain Gear.
  • Mixed Shields have more evenly distributed upgrades for defense and attack. Example: Herc's Shield.

Shields bought from Item Shops don't have any special abilities. However, in Kingdom Hearts II, Shields dropped by certain enemies will give Goofy special abilities. For instance, the Nobody Guard shield (obtained occasionally by defeating Gamblers) will grant Goofy the Hyper Healing ability. This is useful if the Ability points are needed for something else.

Goofy's Shields[edit]