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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki's 2017 End of Year Event!

This year, we will be celebrating along with The Keyhole and the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki! Read on for more details and join in on the celebration, kupo!

You can also view this page at the Keyhole and the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki!

Union Cup Tournament[edit]

The Kingdom Hearts Union Cup Tournament is a Kingdom Hearts tournament held in celebration of the series' 15th Anniversary. It launches October 9, 2017. The purpose is to determine the best of the best from the Kingdom Hearts series according to the voice of the fans. There are various categories that elements and characters can be voted for, including Best Protagonist, Favorite Disney Character, and Favorite Boss Battle. This tournament also serves to prepare the community for the upcoming year of Kingdom Hearts III.

The tournament is being held simultaneously on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole. In addition to the main tournament, a fanon tournament for movies and worlds in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III will be held at the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki.

How to Participate[edit]

Requirements: Have a registered account. That's it!

All are invited to participate and vote during the tournament. Additionally, each battle has a "Hub" for discussion; all are encouraged to (civilly) discuss the battles and try and convince others why one character or subject is better than the other(s). There are new battles every week, and at the end of the week, the votes will be tallied and the winner moves on to the next round. Battles go from Monday to Friday. To vote, simply add your signature without timestamp by adding #~~~ in the section for the combatant you're voting for.

As you vote, we invite you to improve corresponding articles on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki or The Keyhole. Questions about the tournament should be brought to KeybladeSpyMaster.

  • Those who vote here must have a registered account on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. This is to help us keep track of the votes.
  • Once the bracket begins, users may vote only once in each battle that is open. Multiple votes will be disqualified.
  • You may change your vote, but only before the battle ends. Once the battle ends, the final score will be calculated and the winning subject will advance to the next round.
  • Do not use multiple accounts to nominate or vote. Sockpuppetry is strictly prohibited on the wiki.


Three brackets in the tournament have nomination periods, which begin October 9. During these, you may nominate whomever fits in those categories for the actual tournament. Each bracket has a limit of how many total may be nominated. If more than that number is nominated, only the top-voted nominations will go on to the actual tournament bracket. To nominate a combatant for the bracket, simply add a bullet and the combatant by typing *Example, then add your vote underneath your nominated combatant. To vote, add a second-level bullet and your signature without timestamp by typing **~~~ underneath the combatant you are voting for.

  • You may nominate up to ten different combatants in each category. You may also vote in favor of five nominated combatants in each category.
    • Example: You may nominate ten different characters for the "Best Disney Character" category, and vote in favor of five other previously-nominated characters in that same category.
  • You may nominate only in categories that are opened for nominations. Some categories have pre-determined brackets prepared by tournament organizers (because there are much fewer subjects).

Union Cup Awards[edit]

Awards will be given at the end if the tournament, and will be in the form of medals for one's user page on the wikis. The following are the awards for the Union Cup Tournament, and each user who won the awards. Those who won can receive add the awards to their user page.


The tournament is now over! Check out if your favorites won!
Bracket Round Battle(s) Combatants
Best Protagonist
0 N/A Sora wins! The bracket is now closed.
Best Male Protagonist
0 N/A Axel/Lea wins! The bracket is now closed.
Best Female Protagonist
0 N/A Xion wins! The bracket is now closed.
Best Disney Character
0 N/A Genie wins! The bracket is now closed
Best Antagonist
0 N/A Young Xehanort wins! The bracket is now closed.
Favorite Square Enix Character
0 N/A Cloud wins! The bracket is now closed.
Favorite Enemy Species
0 N/A Neoshadow wins! The bracket is now closed.
Best Boss Battle
0 N/A Sephiroth wins! The bracket is now closed.
Best World for Kingdom Hearts III
0 N/A The Emperor's New Groove wins! The bracket is now closed.
Thanks for playing, Kupo!

Trivia Quiz[edit]

The KHWV 2017 End of Year Event Trivia Quiz is a quiz testing the Kingdom Hearts knowledge and/or Wiki searching skills of users. The Trivia Quiz will be available from December 1 to 28. The winners and correct answers will be revealed around the end of December.


  • All answers can be found on either the KHWiki, The Keyhole, or the Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki.
    • DO NOT edit the wiki's to insert your own answer! All wiki edits will be carefully moderated.
  • Pay attention to which part of the series the question refers to.
    • Some questions ask about a specific game in the series.
    • Others ask about the Kingdom Hearts games/series of games, meaning all main games. The main games include all games except Kingdom Hearts Mobile, Kingdom Hearts V Cast, Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Gummiship Studio.
    • Other questions ask about the Kingdom Hearts series, meaning the series as a whole, from the main games to the manga, novels, music, and even TCG.
  • Only one entry per user is allowed. Multiple entries by the same user will disqualify you.
  • The winner(s) will receive an award for their user page. If nobody answers all questions correctly, the prize will go to the user(s) with the most correct answers.
    • In order to claim the prize, you must have an account on any of the KHWV wiki's. If you do not have an account, you can still enter the contest, but you won't be able to receive a prize.
  • If one of the questions is unclear, you can ask about them on the talk page.
    • This should only be used if a question is unclear, not for asking whether an answer is correct or not!


I. What is the main theme of the Kingdom Hearts series called, which appears in all games to date?

Answer: Dearly Beloved. 78% answered this question correctly.

II. Which English Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game card is treated as a "Mysterious Boy" card?

Answer: Roxas. 52% answered this question correctly.
From the Card: Roxas page: "Treat this card as a "Mysterious Boy" card."

III. In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and its remake, Enemy cards can give you special effects during battle, such as increasing your strength with certain attacks or changing the values of your cards. Let's say you're playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, as Sora, and the enemy plays a card with a value of 7. You're about to play a card with a value of 1. Which Enemy card(s) can be used to guarantee that you break the enemy's card? (Notes: The enemy isn't using an Enemy card.)

Answer: Powerwild, Screwdiver, Pirate, and Luxord. Only 1 person answered this question correctly.
The Powerwild card reverses the value of your card, so the 1 becomes a 9 and breaks the 7. The Screwdiver card lowers the value of your card by 1, changing the 1 to a 0, which breaks the 7. The Pirate changes all your cards to 0s. And Luxord allows you to break cards of any value.

IV. Which Final Fantasy character hasn't appeared in the Kingdom Hearts games as a character?

Answer: Terra. 83% answered this question correctly.
Although a character named Terra does appear in the games, it's not the Terra from Final Fantasy VI.

V. The "XIII Event" in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is an Event centered at one of the Organization's members and was released each month on the 13th day. Which Organization members' XIII Events were released first in the English and Japanese versions, respectively?

Answer: Demyx (Japanese version), and Marluxia (English version). 39% answered this question correctly.

VI. How many replicas were created by Organization XIII in total in the Kingdom Hearts series?

Answer: 46. 22% answered this question correctly.
In the manga, a character called Vex Replica No. 44 appears, meaning Vexen created 44 replica's of himself. Together with Riku Replica and Xion, that makes 46.

VII. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days follows Roxas during his time in the Organization. Every member of Organization XIII has control over a certain element, and each element in the game, in turn, is associated with a status effect. For example, Xaldin controls Wind, which is associated with the Air-toss status. Following this logic, which status effect is associated with Saïx?

Answer: Silence. 35% answered this question correctly.
Saïx has control over the Moon element, which is associated with the Silence status effect.

VIII. In Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX, how many times do you have to fight a Darkside?

Answer: 5 times. 43% answered this question correctly.
In Kingdom Hearts, you fight the Darkside three times; once in the Dive to the Heart, once on the Destiny Islands, and once as part of the final battle. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, you fight the Darkside once as both Sora and Riku. Although a Darkside appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, it doesn't count, since it's a movie and you're not fighting it yourself.

IX. In Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, Medals show the game or movie that marks the character's first appearance in their Album entry. (First appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series for Final Fantasy characters.) Which of the Kingdom Hearts games isn't shown in any of the Medals' Album entries? (Not counting Final Mixes, Remakes, or HD rereleases as separate games.)

Answer: Kingdom Hearts coded/Re:coded. 57% answered this question correctly.

X. What is the name of the Japanese books that contain in-depth information about the various games in the series, as well as interviews with the staff and exclusive artwork?

Answer: Ultimania. 57% answered this question correctly.

XI. In the North American release of Kingdom Hearts II, several of the Organization XIII members' human names were misspelled. Which of the Organization members had their human names misspelled?

Answer: Xigbar, Xaldin, and Lexaeus (Braig, Dilan, and Aeleus is also considered correct.). 30% answered this question correctly.
Xigbar's human name, Braig, was misspelled as "Bleig". Xaldin's human name, Dilan, was misspelled as "Dilin". Lexaeus's human name, Aeleus, was misspelled as "Eleus".

XII. Which Disney world appears in the most Kingdom Hearts games? (Not counting Final Mixes, Remakes, or HD rereleases as separate games.)

Answer: Olympus Coliseum. 74% answered this question correctly.
A close second is Agrabah, but Olympus Coliseum also appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Agrabah doesn't.

XIII. The number 13 is a recurring number throughout the series. Which of these does not refer to the number 13?

Answer: Sora's age in Kingdom Hearts. 61% answered this question correctly.
Ars Arcanum deals a total of 13 hits, the Keyhole of Neverland appears at the 13-minute mark, and the Ultima Weapon requires 13 Orichalcum+ (even though you can only get 7). Sora, however, is 14 years old during Kingdom Hearts.


We've received a total of 23 entries, way more than expected, and I'd like to thank everyone who participated for that. Now then, the results.

Only one user has answered all 13 questions correctly, and that user is...


Congratulations! You are the winner of the Trivia Quiz Award!