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Voice Actors[edit]


Voice Actor Role(s)
Jason Dohring Terra
Willa Holland Aqua
Jesse McCartney Ventus; Roxas
Leonard Nimoy Master Xehanort
Mark Hamill Master Eraqus
Haley Joel Osment Vanitas; Sora
James Patrick Stuart Braig
David Dayan Fisher Dilan
Derek Stephen Price Even
Dave Boat Aeleus
Kirk Thornton Isa
Quinton Flynn Lea
Richard Epcar Terra-Xehanort
Luke Manriquez Young Sora
Ty Panitz Young Riku
Ariel Winter Young Kairi
Kathryn Beaumont Kairi's Grandmother
Rick Gomez Zack
David Gallagher Young Master Xehanort; Riku
Hayden Panettiere Kairi
Alyson Stoner Xion
Meaghan Jette Martin Naminé
Corey Burton Ansem the Wise; Yen Sid; Various Voices
Bret Iwan King Mickey
Josh Keaton Hercules
Kevin Michael Richardson Gantu
Chris Sanders Experiment 626
Josh Robert Thompson Prince Philip
James Woods Hades
Unlisted Names
Tony Anselmo
Jeff Bennett
Susanne Blakeslee
Zoe Caldwell
Bobby Costanzo
Mason Vale Cotton
Barbara Dirickson
Jim Cummings
Bill Farmer
Carolyn Gardner
Jennifer Hale
Bob Joles
Tress MacNeille
Matt Nolan
Jon Olson
Rob Paulsen
Andre Sogliuzzo
Stephen Stanton
David Ogden Stiers
Russi Taylor
James Arnold Taylor
Gina Tuttle
Frank Welker
Wally Wingert
Alan Young