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Horn Strike (KHUX)

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Horn Strike (ホーンストライク Hōn Sutoraiku?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


In Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Horn Strike is a special attack that targets all enemies. It costs 1 special attack gauge to perform. It raises Player's Upright strength by 1 tier, lowers the target's PSM defense by 7 tiers, and the target's defense by 2 tiers for 2 turns. It inflicts more damage with 1 enemy left (including raid bosses). The enemy countdown is unaffected.

Horn Strike +6 raises Player Upright-based strength by 3 more tiers.

Horn Strike (KHUX) Rarity Base •• ••• •••• ••••• Hits
+5 6★ x3.12 - 4.32 x3.16 - 4.36 x3.20 - 4.40 x3.24 - 4.44 x3.28 - 4.48 x3.32 - 4.52 1
+6 7★ x8.48 - 12.38 1

Learning Horn Strike[edit]

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