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If there was a event or happening you would want changed tell the tale here. For me it would be the Roxas Vs sora fight becasue roxas has all of soras skills+ nobody ones he should of benn able to defeat sora and become spererate.

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i would change the second demyx fight, without a second thought
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Naminé's Notebook KHII.png i would change the marluxia third battle.
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1000 Heartless battle. Too boring, should have kept the Behemoth's.
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Keyblade-Blk.png Yea, the Behemoths would have given that battle some difficulty. Seriously, that battle wasn't a boss battle at all; it was just hammering the Triangle for Reaction Command after Reaction Command.

Also, the fight with Demyx really could have been better. I mean, that was pretty simple for the game's first battle with an Organization XIII member.

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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png I would change the Xemnas final battle to be more difficult. His HP shouldn't drop down to 1 after "there's no such thing as light", but it's cool in the way that he used all of his power in that desperation attack. Remember what Axel said before he died about final attacks....
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First to EndlessOblivion wasn't Xemnas still alive after that? He didn't put all his being into that one attack, he was still alive afterwards and seriously injured Riku. The thing that dropped his HP down to one was Sora impaling him on a beam of light.

Also I would've changed the battle against Riku to make it less frustrating. Or at the very least allow allies to be there too.

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TerraCharm.png It was both. And It is kind of hard for me to tell because my Lv. 99 Sora manages to deplete his HP to 1 before he can even use the attack.

I would change the scene in the castle that never was when sora meets kairi again. Instead of just hugging they should have kissed