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Fire Raid (Style)

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This article is about the Link Style.
You may be looking for the attack or the Link Attack.
When using Fire Raid, Riku is cloaked in a bright orange aura with wisps of fire emitting from him.

Fire Raid (ファイアレイド Faia Reido?) is a technique appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to engulf their Keyblade in flames and hurl it at their enemies.


Fire Raid is a Link Style used by Riku. While activated, Riku will be able use fire based attacks. His combo's consist of using his Keyblade like Chakrams, which starts with him throwing his Keyblade at the enemy twice, then throwing multiple Keyblades around him like a barrier constantly, and the finisher has him throwing multiple Keyblades at the enemy once again.

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