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Firaga (KHUX)

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Firaga is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


In Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Firaga is a special attack that targets a single enemy. It costs 7 special attack gauges to perform. It deals more damage when only a single enemy remains, and changes the next Medal's attribute to Magic.

Name Rarity Base •• ••• •••• ••••• Hits
Firaga +5 6★ x4.52 - 8.02 x4.56 - 8.06 x4.60 - 8.10 x4.64 - 8.14 x4.68 - 8.18 x4.72 - 8.22 3
Firaga +6 7★ x12.58 - 16.08 3

Learning Firaga[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]