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Diamond Dust (Command)

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This article is about the Command Style.
You may be looking for Vexen's Limit Break, the Shotlock, or the Keychain.
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The Diamond Dust finish command surrounds the user with large chunks of ice as the ground freezes. The user spins to damage nearby enemies.

Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト Daiyamondo Dasuto?) is a Command Style that can be used by Terra, Ventus, and Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is activated by using Blizzard-related Deck Commands or the Snow Bear ice cream item.


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While using Diamond Dust, Terra, Ventus and Aqua's attacks become faster and deal ice damage. The standard four-hit combo deals 125% Blizzard-type damage and the combo finisher consists of summoning three ice pillars that spin at a rapid speed that deal 300% damage. An ice pillar may be summoned during a combo which deals 100% damage. The finish command consists of the user producing a giant glacier, then bursting it around the user and deals 300% ice damage to nearby enemies.


When using Diamond Dust, the user gains an icy blue aura around them. Particles of ice emanate from the user's body as well.

Learning Diamond Dust[edit]


Diamond Dust is a recurring technique in the Final Fantasy series, most often as the signature attack of Shiva, a recurring summon.