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Design Packs

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Design Packs are a way to add color to Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts II. Each unlocked palette adds eight patterns to the regular color selection screen. Note that some Gummi Blocks (e.g. Blizzard-G) can not be painted.

Set Name Textures Unlocked
Patterned Skins A GP Patterned Skins A.png S-Rank: Asteroid Sweep (Mission 1)
Patterned Skins B GP Patterned Skins B.png S-Rank: Stardust Sweep (Mission 1)
Realistic Skins GP Realistic Skins.png S-Rank: Phantom Storm (Mission 1)
Decal Skins GP Decal Skins.png S-Rank: Splash Island (Mission 1)
Variety Skins A GP Variety Skins A.png S-Rank: Floating Island (Mission 1)
Variety Skins B GP Variety Skins B.png S-Rank: Ancient Highway (Mission 1)
Neon Skins A GP Neon Skins A.png S-Rank: Broken Highway (Mission 1)
Neon Skins B GP Neon Skins B.png S-Rank: Sunlight Storm (Mission 1)