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American cards[edit]

P-31: Tip Card [P]
Scan of TCG card
Aladdin — The Power of the Lamp — With a better support value than Donald Duck and a better magic value than Goofy, Aladdin is a great choice for players wanting a good attack value from a Friend that can still cast lower level magic spells. Be sure to remember Aladdin's pal, Genie! Play Aladdin in your friend area and use his magic to summon the powerful Genie cards!

Note: Make sure your Aladdin cards have a high enough magic value to play the Genie cards in your deck.
P-32: Tip Card [P]
Scan of TCG card
Simba — The Proud KingSimba is a great card to have in your deck when you need to slow your opponent down. His Proud Roar ability allows a player to discard one, two, or even all of his opponent's Friends and Magic/Friends. Beware when playing this card since you will also have to discard the same amount as your opponent if you have them. This is a great card to play when your opponent has just assembled a lot of Friends in order to defeat a group of high level monsters. Summon Simba to discard them and let your opponent know who is King of the Jungle!
P-33: Tip Card [P]
Scan of TCG card
Traverse Town — Frequent Traveler — Do not worry if you don't have high level World Cards to start with! It is often better to play lower level worlds such as the Level 1 Traverse Town. Although it takes longer to get to the 13 level mark to win the game, you only have to deal with one Dark card at a time on these World Cards. Therefore, these cards are often better to bring into play during late game situations to avoid getting stuck on a high level World Card capable of holding several high level Dark Cards. Just remember to include enough to add up to 13 so you will be able to win the game!
P-34: Tip Card [P]
Scan of TCG card
Cure — Healing Hand — Often overlooked because of its common rarity, the Cure spell can be a life saver! Instantly healing one Health Point, players using higher level Player Cards often forget to include Cure spells since they have a superior attack power. However, higher level Player Cards have lower Heart Points to begin with and can easily become weakened by several successful Challenges by their opponent. That's when the Cure spell comes in handy and allows you to bounce back and regain some of your health to continue to battle!
P-35: Tip Card [P]
Scan of TCG card
Attack Card — Divine Intervention — The Divine Rose is a great common attack card that holds its own against rarer attack cards. In fact, Divine Rose is tied for the highest initial strength with the rare card, Oathkeeper. Remember to use more than one Divine Rose if you need to since playing two at a time allows you to increase the total attack value to a whopping 12!