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I'd rather we just skip the formalities. Welcome to the Card space of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, an in-depth encyclopedia on all the cards of the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game, our favorite leisure-time Card Game. We would greatly appreciate any contributions you have to offer, so long as the additions are accurate. For information on how the Card space works, and how to add info, direct your attention here. Think of it as a game. Good luck, fellow contributors to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

We need you!

We need contributors to help
  • Add information on cards
  • Upload scans of the cards
  • Properly credit the scans

As the Organization does well to incessantly give me mission upon mission, I cannot contribute as much as I'd like to. We need your help. As well as helping us expand and cleanup all of our existing card articles, you can help as greatly or as minutely as you want. A compressed file of the available English scans can be accessed here. In order to properly credit these scans, please follow the instructions here. Inquire at the main talk page or check out the help pages to join in on our operation! Perhaps we can improve our Card space with your help, and everyone else's. How I love a good gamble!