Card:Guard Armor

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American cards[edit]

ADA-70: Guard Armor (arm) [C]
Guard Armor (arm) ADA-70.png
Type Level
Dark/Heartless 5
POW Home World
ADA-71: Guard Armor (leg) [C]
Guard Armor (leg) ADA-71.png
Type Level
Dark/Heartless 6
POW Home World
ADA-72: Guard Armor (body) [U]
Guard Armor (body) ADA-72.png

You may play one "Guard Armor (arm)" card and/or one "Guard Armor (leg)" card in addition to this card. All "Guard Armor" cards put into play in the manner count as a single Dark/Heartless Card.

Treat these cards separately after they have been played.

Type Level
Dark/Heartless 7
POW Home World